March 3, 2021


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Emergency Preparedness Generalized

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Emergency Preparedness Generalized
Josh “The 7P’s of Survival”

Emergency Preparedness GeneralizedThis week on the 7 P’s of survival we will be talking about generalized emergency preparedness. The recent flooding that devastated southern West Virginia gave me pause and made me reevaluate my own level of preparedness. 99% of the people we rescued from the flood waters barley had a stitch of clothing on them (OK, so I guess there is a Naked & Afraid scenario that is quasi-feasible) let alone the materials or equipment needed to survive the 72 hour period before significant disaster relief resources are available.

So what were some of the lessons I gleaned from this disaster?

1) A regular bug-out or 72 hour bag isn’t 100% practical so we will talk about some alternatives for shoring up our conveyance medium.

2) Contents need evaluated. I have general preparedness equipment in my vehicle and home, but my main pack is more of a long-term self-reliance kit so it needs adjustments and we will talk about those.

3) First response for a major incident isn’t going to be within five minutes. Our last swift water rescue was completed almost 18 hours after the flash flooding event began.

4) Transportation in a disaster, most people think a vehicle or walking is the only option. What about when water is into the second story of your home? This is why a pack raft is an essential item in my cache.

5) Fireproof safes are worthless against water for the most part, so what and where are you going to store those valuables?

6) When you lose everything, comfort items may be worth the space. Pictures can always lift spirits in addition an encrypted thumb drive can be a life saver.

7) Survival/self-reliance and preparedness isn’t all about beans, bullets and skills it about being ready for whatever comes your way.

This show is essentially an examination of the devastation I witnessed throughout southern West Virginia and how it affected my personal outlook on preparedness and how it could potentially affect the manner in which you pack your own survival kit.
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