October 3, 2022


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Drought, worlds end!

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Drought, worlds end!
Host: Jackir “Apocalypse Nana”

2-12-15 loire_ droughtPut on those sunglasses, suntan lotion, and sun block, prepper peeps, because it’s getting extremely hot in the bunker this week, and not in a good way. There will be no swimming and lifeguards on duty in the bunker, Enders! As the deep-freeze of America is at its peak, this Thursday evening’s hour-long discussion on the Apocalypse Nana Show will entail the most horrifying and arid spectacle ever shared: drought causing the end of the world.

Drought, worlds end DRP001As dehydrated preppers, we here at the show highly suggest you hang on to your water bottles as Jackie, Rob, and Dom divulge the four types of droughts, meteorological speculations that a drought will cause End Days, and regional catastrophe due to lack of water.

2-12-15 droughtAlso, are you up for taking the 13 Gallon Challenge? Can you only use a maximum of 13 gallons of water a day, and if so, how? Methods to this throat-drying challenge will be discussed in full. Participants wanted! So call in and tell us about your dry spells in life and how you would survive during a drought, and/or prepare for a drought. Weaklings need to apply.

Drought, worlds end Ashleys-Apocalypse-200x150And let’s not forget to talk about famine and world-spread diseases because of drought; other forms of how an apocalypse can occur because of the Earth’s drying period due to the criminal sun. Gather those buckets of H2O because we are also going to discuss climate change and how human ecology can “possibly” prevent such a horrifying dryness to occur. Can something so world-ending even be stopped from happening? Or, is the Sun and Earth on a cyclic highway, ready to burn us all, turning us into ashes?

Spend the evening with the Apocalypse Nana Show and these dry-mouthed guests …
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