Disaster Movies Reel You In

Disaster Movies Reel You In
Host: Jackie “Apocalypse Nana”

Disaster Movies Post apocalyptic paradiseArmageddon is at hand. Imagine it. The day actually starts out better than most. You don’t have to work. You are lying on the beach, listening to the radio when suddenly the announcer says, “This is not a test. The end of days is at hand.” It could be any number of ways. An alien invasion, an airborne virus that carries when the wind blows, a nuclear bomb, blasting you into oblivion or a extinction level meteor that without warning, hurls toward earth.

Disaster Movies WW3bWhatever the disaster, you are facing your last night on earth. Or is it? Without hesitation, you grab your things and head back to your car. Everyone heard the message and the road is jam packed with cars. Everyone fighting tooth and nail to get out of the city, or loot a store. Surprisingly, you are prepared. Or at least you hope. Ever since the hoopla of the predicted 2012 end, you have been getting ready. Day after day, buying items, food, whatever you may need. You believe you have come up with a fail safe plan. But how did you do so? Say you aren’t a military expert, scientist or any of those things. Chances are, most of your survival knowledge was gained through television or … the movies.

Disaster Movies movieposterThis week on the Apocalypse Nana show, we go to the movies. The Disaster Movies, that is. Blockbuster movies are a testament to the obsession people have with the end of the world. Most well-known movies have a deep impact on our lives and our will to prepare for survival. However, is it responsible filmmaking or misleading. Knowing that most movie goers take what they see with a grain of salt, does Hollywood amp up the tale or do they stick with a reality approach.

Disaster Movies madmax_620_121912Jackie, Rob and Dom will break down your favorite cinematic doomsday tales and get to the core of the messages they send.

Bring your list of movies, popcorn and opinions. Join us in chat or call in to be part of this really cool interactive topic.

And NOTE: Apocalypse Nana has placed the titles to 20 apocalypse/end of the world Disaster Movies in this synopsis. How many can you find? Answers this week on The Apocalypse Nana Show.
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