May 23, 2022


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Smallpox and other biological agents

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Smallpox and other biological agents
David Jones “Prepping Up with the Jones “Audio player provided!

Smallpox and other biological agentsOn this episode in Dave shares information he has learned about Smallpox and other Biological Agents that could be usd in a terror attack. H ex[lains the ways you can protect your selves and your family members if a Bio attack occurs. He will also cover things to look for in the news as trigger points to implement your emergency plans. After talking about the deadliest disease known to mankind, Smallpox, Dave turns to other natural and man made Bio-agents that could cripple sociality as we know it. Don’t miss out, log into the chat room at Prepper Broadcasting Network and ask the questions you have never had answered before.

Listen to this broadcast or download “Smallpox and other biological agents” in player below!

This week lucky listener also snags the WMD Protection patch from Dave in a special giveaway. The giveaway rules will be announced the night of the show so tune in early and be ready if you would like a chance to win this patch that has Velcro and can be attached to just about anything. Dave is still looking for some Preppers in Hawaii to receive a free gift so send him your Hawaiian contacts in an email and they will thank you for doing it.

Eve Gonzales returns to Prepping up with the Jones’ on 10 March 2018 for round 2 of what to do when disaster strikes. She will talk about what each family should consider before the disaster hits so you can weather any storm. If you remember the last show with Eve was packed full of information and specials on her trading Post in the Woods website? Don’t miss this show!

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