December 2, 2022


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How to Prevent an Apocalyptic Pandemic

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There are many ways that our world may end, and sweeping sickness is one of the most likely scenarios. Many experts believe that the next global pandemic is not too far off, and if it does strike, millions of people could die. Luckily, it doesn’t have to get that far as there are many ways that we can attempt to stop the spread of illness, and it all comes down to caring for yourself and your fellow human beings.


Steps as simple as washing your hands, getting necessary shots, and visiting the doctor when you are sick can be enough to keep an apocalyptic pandemic at bay.

Self-Care at Home

You only need one person to start a widespread epidemic, so the best way to prevent this scenario is to take care of ourselves when we get sick. Many people feel the urge to struggle at work even when they are sick, but if you feel ill or have an infection, you need to stay home and rest, especially if you have excessive coughing, vomiting, or diarrhea.

It is particularly important not to fly or use public transportation when you are ill because those closed quarters can increase the chance of infecting others. Plus, if there is a disease, it should remain concentrated, instead of being allowed to spread across the town, state, or country via mass transit.

Prevention is the Best Medicine

Of course, the best way to avoid creating an pandemic is not to get sick in the first place. If you are especially prone to sickness, consider the preventive measures that a nurse uses in their day-to-day life and wash your hands regularly, especially after being outside or going to the bathroom, as well as before preparing food and eating. When you are preparing meals, keep your counters clean, don’t leave cooked food out in the open, and put leftovers in the fridge as soon as you get home. Also, when it comes to your eyes and mouth, avoid touching them whenever possible, and never share personal effects like toothbrushes with others.


Many scientists believe that influenza and the common cold could be the source of our next epidemic, but there are other forms of sickness that can cause ruin as well. Cancer can be a threat even in your own home, so make sure your dwelling is in proper shape, as substances including asbestos and many household cleaners can contain dangerous chemicals that could cause cancer. There is also the risk of disease through sexually transmitted diseases, so practice safe sex or abstain and encourage your family and friends to do the same.


Although it can feel like a hassle, it is crucial that if you are feeling sick to go see a doctor or visit an urgent care facility. A physician can give you the medication you need so that your illness does not become contagious. While you are there, you can even ask about current epidemics that are on the rise and learn preventive measures to avoid them.


It is also essential that you get the required vaccinations on a regular basis. Although debate still rages, any good doctor will tell you that vaccinations are necessary for protection from many diseases. Some experts say that 95% of the population should be vaccinated in order for outbreaks to be avoided.


All adults and children should be vaccinated. Children will need more vaccinations to protect them from diseases as their bodies grow, including mumps, measles, influenza, and hepatitis A and B. Adults should keep up on their vaccinations as well, including the flu (yearly), tetanus (every 10 years), and the Hepatitis B vaccine if you have diabetes. Since many still believe the hype that vaccines are not essential, having your shots will give you a leg up if the widespread disease does indeed cause the end of times.

How to Prepare for a Pandemic

Even if you follow all of the necessary steps to stop the spread of sickness, you cannot depend on everyone else to do the same, so the best thing you can do is to prepare as if the epidemic is unavoidable. First, think about the chaos that would ensue during a world-ending epidemic. Where would you go if you need healthcare? According to a recent study, almost half of health workers would stay home from work during a widespread epidemic.


Even if health clinics were operational, there would be crowds and care may not be guaranteed, so start collecting medicine now, including pain relievers, cold medicine, stomach medication, and vitamins. Then, go out and stock up on water and food (including lots of protein), as well as health and hygiene supplies including nylon gloves, hand sanitizer, and toilet paper. Additionally, designate one room in your house as a “sick room,” where the affected person will stay, so they don’t infect the rest of the household.


Now that you have your supplies, come up with a plan for when the epidemic becomes official. How long will you stay at your job? Do you have enough supplies if businesses begin to close down? What happens if you get sick? Have you spoken to family or friends who are willing to take care of your children in that situation? These are all important questions to ask yourself, so you are not caught off guard when the pandemic strikes.


The idea of an apocalyptic epidemic sweeping the globe is not a pleasant one. However, if you take your health seriously and practice preventive measures, you can do your part to prevent a terrible catastrophe.


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