May 23, 2022


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Biological attack: What to expect and how to treat!

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Biological attack: What to expect and how to treat!
Host: David Jones “Prepping Up with the Jones “Audio player provided!

Biological attack: What to expect and how to treatThis week Dave finishes up Biological and tells you how to turn your master bedroom into a quarantine ward for anyone that is sick in your group or your family. He will also tell you all the steps you and your family can take right now to better prepare for a biological release even if it is from mother nature. Dave will have the latest news on the plague outbreak in Africa and what to prepper item to have on hand if Ebola comes back to the US again.

Listen to this broadcast or download “Biological attack: What to expect and how to treat” in player below!

He will talk about remedies you can make right in your own kitchen that kill bacteria and work in the body like antibiotics but are even better. Dave will tell you about how deadly T2 toxin is and why we have never used it but the Russians have. Did you ever wonder how we will find out about an outbreak and what to do if a deadly disease sweeps across the US? Then don’t miss this show!

After finish up any questions about biological Dave will talk about a chemical attack and when and where would be the best times and locations for this type of an attack. What to expect if a never agent is released in a subway, how to protect yourself if this happens and what NOT to do. Dave will talk about the best way to shelter in place and what you should do if you must evacuate.

Want to know the truth about civil evacuations and why they almost always come too late or not at all? He will tell you what to expect from the government and how the response from the government is mostly too late or even 100% wrong. Don’t miss this show because Dave will take your calls live for the first time on the air and answer your questions.

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