September 23, 2021


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John L. Monk: Science Fiction and Post-Apocalyptic Author

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John L. Monk: Science Fiction and Post-Apocalyptic Author
Bobby Akart “Prepping For Tomorrow

John L. Monk: Science Fiction and Post-Apocalyptic AuthorOn this special episode of the Prepping for Tomorrow program with Author Bobby Akart, Bobby is joined by John L. Monk, author of the supernatural thriller series titled The Jenkins Cycle and his latest hot new release—Hell’s Children

Author John L. Monk launched his supernatural thriller series, The Jenkins Cycle, in January 2014 and never looked back as he embarked on a second career as an author. Unless, of course, you consider the side job which he and I both are honored to share—doer of the honey-do list! KICK, the first book in the series, takes the reader on a wild ride with a vigilante angle.
8-4-16 monk-kick-headerFrom his Amazon blurb:
They say suicides are damned for eternity. But if possessing the bodies of violent criminals is Hell, then Dan Jenkins will take it. And he does, every time a portal arrives to whisk him from his ghostly exile.

Dan rides the living like a supernatural jockey, pushing out their consciousness and taking over. He doesn’t know where their minds go while he’s in charge, and for the most part doesn’t care. He’s just happy to live again.

Normally, before the villain returns to kick him out, Dan dishes out a final serving of justice and leaves the world a safer place. It’s one of the rules if he wants more rides, and he’s happy to oblige. For a part-time dead guy, it’s a pretty good gig.
And then he meets her.

8-4-16 hells-childrenI encourage you to read the series to see what happens next. Speaking of next, here’s John’s latest release—Hell’s Children.

With my release of The Blackout Series, including the first installment titled 36 Hours, John and I are kickin’ around the teen and young adult sci-fi genre together. His post-apocalyptic thriller follows the story of a fourteen-year-old survivor in a dystopian world in which civilization lies in the hands of children. They learn to fend for themselves without fuel or electricity and quickly realize that the mirage of safety may only cover a hidden darkness behind.
Join me as I welcome committed prepper and first-class author, John L. Monk, to the Prepping for Tomorrow program.
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