September 23, 2021


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James Wallace Author of the Zombie Theorem!

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James Wallace: Author of the Zombie Theorem series
Bobby Akart “Prepping For Tomorrow”

James Wallace: Author of the Zombie Theorem seriesOn this week’s episode of the Prepping for Tomorrow program with Author Bobby Akart, Author James Wallace, creator of the hit post-apocalyptic Zombie Theorem series, will join us.

James Wallace is a new author, having published his first novel, ZOMBIE THEOREM, in January of this year. The book is set in San Francisco where an ordinary American finds himself thrust in the fight of his life. Not only must he overcome his own inner demons, but he finds himself fighting an unimaginable challenge—a Zombie outbreak. A sinister group is behind the outbreak. The Culling Initiative, and their mercenary army, the Ridder Group, have plans for America. In Wallace’s second release in the Zombie Theorem series, the characters come together for a common goal—survival.

6-9-16 zombie-theoremWith the popularity of The Walking Dead television series, zombie fiction has exploded onto the scene. I will talk with James about the rise of this genre in pop culture and we’ll tie it into the importance of prepper fiction. Stories of the zombie apocalypse, like prepper fiction, does not necessarily tell a true story and the characters are not always based upon real people (especially the dead, rotting corpse characters).

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A work of fiction may be fabricated, but it helps us comprehend the world nonetheless. As Stephen King quipped: Fiction is the truth behind the lie. I believe a well written novel can persuade a non-prepper to formulate a preparedness plan. Fiction can inspire us in a way that a sterile, how-to book, cannot.

Sometimes it’s difficult to articulate our reasons for prepping. The threats we face are many. To some, the threats we discuss on the Prepping for Tomorrow program seem far-fetched. For example, it isn’t likely that we’ll be facing a zombie outbreak anytime soon.

I’ve interacted with many readers who remember the novel that awakened their need to prepare. Well-written post-apocalyptic fiction should lead you to ask:

What would I do if … ?

Whether a dystopian world is created by a Pandemic, or a Zombie Apocalypse, prepper fiction can be instructive, as well as entertaining. Over the next several weeks, we’ll discuss this in depth and get a variety of viewpoints from some of the best in the Zombie fiction field.
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