August 9, 2022


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After the Disaster: Myth or Reality?

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After the Disaster: Myth or Reality?
Lynna: “A Preppers Path

Disaster WW3cRecently I viewed a UK television show called Survivors and besides being an arm chair critic of the lack of reality of actual scenarios, such as a breach birth and a perfectly clean baby along with a medical emergency where CPR was initated and the patient who just birthed the baby as well, revived perky as ever, I found the show somewhat informative but perhaps not in the way you might think.

Disaster loire_droughtThe show portrays the UK after a virus kills about 90 per cent of the worlds population, leaving the surviving occupants without electricity and running water. The show explores the actions taken by differing people to survive, band together and also the inter-personal relationships that develop or don’t. While I found the show lacking in certain areas of reality it did one important thing. It got me thinking and evaluating what they were not portraying which made me think about what if.

DisasterMonday’s show will in fact be dedicated to the myths and realities surrounding a major disaster, just what is fact and what is myth. You maybe surprised to find that according to sources like the World Health Organization much of the information you’ve been told in fact isn’t the truth. Why a show like this? Well if these things aren’t the reality then perhaps I am preparing myself in the wrong way. Tune in and find out if you might be preparing for the wrong thing.
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