November 26, 2022


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2016: An Apocalyptic Thrill Ride
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2016: An Apocalyptic Thrill RideOn this year-end episode of the Prepping for Tomorrow program, bestselling Author Bobby Akart looks back upon 2016 and the apocalyptic roller coaster ride it provided us all.

2016 provided us one of the most intriguing political elections in our lifetimes. We saw the rise of a populist movement politically that no one saw coming. In addition to Donald Trump’s remarkable victory in the U.S. Presidential Election, we witnessed the U.K. leaving the European Union and the rise of nationalist parties throughout Europe.

Wars raged on in the Middle East and cowardly terrorists continued to destroy lives throughout the world including in Orlando, Brussels, and Nice. Economies collapsed as well, most notably in South American countries like Venezuela and Brazil. The Brazilian recession has deepened and in Venezuela, we are witnessing a Zimbabwean-level deflationary collapse.

Natural disasters also made headlines as wildfires in California and the Great Smoky Mountains burned beautiful forests and destroyed homes. 2016 brought the first major hurricane onto the shores of the U.S. since that deadly year of 2005. Hurricane Matthew brushed the Atlantic Coast as a category five.

As Americans, we’ve become desensitized to the horrors of terrorism and the destruction of natural disasters. Reading about economic collapse in Venezuela barely gets a shrug in response. As preppers, we know that these threats are real and can knock on our door at any time. As a society, we’ve become egocentric in many respects. These headlines don’t have an impact on the daily lives of most of us. But as preppers, we see the potential life-threatening events as a reason to become better prepared.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to focus on the world around us when our own lives are on an apocalyptic roller coaster ride. We learn lessons in life and some years provide more lessons than others. It’s a time-honored tradition in America to look back upon the year during the holiday season and give thanks for what went right, and make resolutions to rectify what went wrong. It will be a fast hour as always, but join me as we bid farewell to 2016.
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