October 23, 2021


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Disaster Prep Guides

Disaster Prep Guides!

With John Smith “Dirty Lew”

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Bushcraft 101 with Dirty Lew

Bushcraft is a term for wilderness survival skills that was originally created in Australia and South Africa. There are some areas in Australia that are called “The Bush,” which is an area that is mostly wilderness. If you are lacking the needed survival skills, you may encounter some situations that may be “life or death.” Whether you are an experienced Bushcrafter or wanting to learn, they are several resources online (we will be adding a Bushcraft section on our site in the near future) and several in print format.

If you are the type of person that likes to do winter camping but don’t want to build your own shelter – you can get an Atuk Kanguk 9×9 Canvas tent. If you have a sled to haul your supplies, you can also bring a portable wood stove and find broken trees to use for firewood. JoeRobinetBushcraft has a video (see here) on YouTube that demonstrates this.

If you would rather build your own shelter; there are several different ways to do such. You can find fallen branches, leaves, or trees and construct your own. By stripping down bark off of branches; you can use the bark to be a binder for walls, the roof, or a bed platform. By having a sharp hatchet; you can use it as a hammer and a chisel to form posts to hammer into the ground for walls or beams. If you are able to find river stones; you can use them to build a fireplace within your shelter.

Foraging is dependent on the time of year. During the Winter months, finding edible plants is going to happen zip to zilch. During the Spring and Summer months, you will be able to find berries and find “Fiddleheads” in our area that you are able to pan fry and eat. Fiddleheads are the ends of ferns that are edible, but once they get past a certain point they are not.

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Joe Robinet Bushcraft (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCts-8ZqS339n-9nxy3DN8Cg)
Atuk Kanguk Tent (http://www.atuktents.com/en_kanguk.php)

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About: Disaster Prep Guides

“Disaster Prep Guide,” a weekly podcast hosted by Dirty Lew, is a show about how to prepare in different type of locales (Rural, Suburban, and Urban) and in different type of emergency situations (Natural or Man Made Disasters (i.e. Riots, Terrorist Attacks) or severe inclement weather. We will be going over several different scenarios that some of our listeners experienced or known someone that has experienced an event. On the show, we’ll give different tips, tricks, and tools that may help you in case you have a situation occur.

Imagine if you have lived in a warm climate area for a majority of your life, but relocated to another area that experiences hash, cold winters? We will have the tips and tricks to help you in your adjustment to your new area of living. Or vice versa, you are used to living in an area that is brutal in the winter but move to an area that has Tornadoes, Hurricanes, and Tropical Storms? DPG is your listening place to learn about different techniques in survival. Survive, Adapt, and Overcome – that’s the motto we follow.

Please join us on Tuesdays at 9:30PM EST on the Prepper Broadcasting Network, we look forward to chatting with you and discussing how we can help prepare in an emergency situation.

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