June 30, 2022


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Using SDR for SHTF Information Gathering!

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Using SDR for SHTF Information Gathering
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If the Internet crashed or was restricted due to FCC regulations and you wanted to get the news how would you do it? With small, $20 piece of hardware and a computer you can listen to police, fire, and EMS. Did you know that you can track aircraft flying in your area? SDR allows you to see any commercial and civilian aircraft within a very large area. Even some military aircraft can be tracked with altitude and flight numbers clearly available. SDR also allows you to predict the weather.

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Every day there are weather satellites passing overhead. Anywhere you are in the world you can pick up and listen to these satellites completely free and completely legal. You can see incoming weather systems and know when a bad storm system is heading your way. This would be a force multiplier in a SHTF scenario. Another cool feature for SHTF Intel is the ability to have a spectrum analyzer. With this you can see any RF signals across bands. You can easily see and listen to FRS, GMRS, and MURS radio traffic with the click of a mouse. Think the feds are nearby? SDR allows you to find their signals.

So how so we do this and what is involved? Well, do you have a computer running Windows, macOS, or Linux, or even Raspberry Pi? Then you have the biggest piece of the puzzle and all is needed is an SDR Dongle easily available online. We will go over the best devices to buy and which ones to avoid. We will go over the most common software titles and what functions they accomplish as well as some pointers on each one.

Have I tapped your curiosity? Are you interested in knowing how to do all these things? Then join me and liten to this show in player above..

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