The Technological Divide!

The Technological Divide
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“Can young people survive without tech, Can older people survive with it?”

Technological Divide old-people-with-ipadIn this episode I will be discussing the technological divide between older and younger generations. I will discuss how dependent the younger generation is on technology and if it would be possible for most of them to survive without it. I have brought this up in a few other shows about the comparison to the movie WALL-E. This movie takes place in a future where earth is abandoned and humans now live on a space ship. The correlation between this and our topic is this; on this ship the people were solely dependent on technology to take care of their every need. They didn’t even walk anymore, they floated around on flying chairs, they had no physical labor and little human interaction, and when faced with having to do tasks on their own they literally had no clue where to start.

Technological DivideThe biggest issue today that I see , and I am no doctor I make no claims of being one or hold a degree in it, but this is simply self-observation. A lot of kids today are becoming increasingly anti-social because of technology, they spend their lives on their phones, computers, and really fail to grasp the concept of social interaction on a level that the older generation does. As we progress we get technologies that definitely improve our lives but also tends to make us more dependent and a little lazier in a sense that we want all of the convenience and none of the work.

We have to understand the mentality of most young people today, they were raised with technology it is literally all they know, and we cannot complain that they use it. However regulation I think should be in order. We should limit their use to technology and not let it be a distraction in their lives, I see this a lot in my line of work, and the kids literally have panic attacks when they do not have their computer for a few days. The biggest question that arises here is in a true shtf/teotowaki situation could most young people survive? Could they bridge this gap between technology dependence and survival? The poles are still out on this.

7-18-15 downloadThe other side of the coin is the older generation, the ones that were not raised with a lot of this technology that we have today, they have never been dependent on it growing up as a lot of younger people in this world. The question to be asked is can the older generation cut the modern day dependencies that they have developed and survive in a situation? they have years of experience without technology; but can we say that we are all now dependent on a world ran by computers, cell phones, credit cards, and convenience? Are we all that far gone that we can never recover? I am a huge fan of shows such as the walking dead, when modern day conveniences are little to none, and a simple home cooked meal is something to be praised, if we were to progress to this state could we make it? Could we ever actually work together and rebuild? It is a question that I hope never has to be answered. Hopefully we can discuss this and come away with a few ideas and walk away with a little more knowledge under our belts.

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