November 29, 2022


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The Best Walkie Talkie for City Use

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Looking to find the best walkie talkie for city use? Walkie talkies are hand-held, portable, two-way radio transceivers with long-range interaction being made possible by using a channel system in order to keep signal at the best quality. In this review, we are going to look at the very best walkie talkie out there and a few other options as well.

When choosing a walkie talkie there are many different factors you need to think about rather than just going straight in and choosing the first one you see. What is the best walkie talkie range for city use? What are the best two-way radios for urban areas? Which is the best survival walkie talkie?


Considerations When Buying A Walkie Talkie


Buying a walkie talkie won’t break the bank as they are normally reasonably priced, yet there is a big difference in quality when you compare those from the lower end of the product range compared to the higher ones. While the top range models will give you more range and spec, this could be more than is needed possibly wasting money on something that could work great for the job with a lower price tag. Moderately priced walkie talkie’s in the middle of the range are more than likely going to do the job with the more expensive models being left for the professional.


Number of Channels

In the city there could be many different factors when it comes to channels. Construction sites could be a problem for privacy as they could interfere with signals, but regarding channels, you may want a few different options so you can check things such as weather reports such as the national oceanic and atmospheric administration channel who will provide reports for different areas.


Power Options

Power is a main issue, as you wouldn’t want your walkie talkie to run out of juice halfway through a conversation or if you were out somewhere that you didn’t know the area of you would become stranded. A great option is choosing a walkie talkie that can be powered by both rechargeable batteries and the standard alkali battery, this will give you more options if one of the choices run out. With these models, you can stock up on disposable batteries for emergencies, although a fully charged rechargeable should last up to 8 hours.



Best Walkie Talkie For City Use

The Submersible long range walkie talkie by Uniden in our opinion is the best walkie talkie for city use. This amazing walkie talkie will provide a 20+ range even in bad weather conditions showing its real engineering prowess. A downside to this product is that it boasts about a 50-mile range but in many different conditions this isn’t achievable.


A really easy walkie talkie to operate with the buttons being laid out in an effective way with clear markings and responsive touch. Clips and headsets are great accessories that can be added to this walkie talkie making interactions easier than ever. The Walkie Talkie Guide have tonnes of guides on choosing the best accessories and setting your walkie talkies up.


The sound quality is also great on this device played clear crisp audio providing no confusion when you are talking or listening on the device. These walkie talkies are waterproof and also float, so if you drop it the handset will float to the top ready to be picked up for easy retrieval. The handy flashlight is also an amazing feature when visibility becomes a struggle later on in the evening.

Other Walkie Talkies To Consider

Motorola has a really good range when it comes to walkie talkies, seemingly to have mastered the technology regarding performance in a number of different situations and the fact the display screens are always well illuminated with a clear screen really helping in bad weather conditions.

The MT352TPR FRS from Motorolla offers an amazing battery performance which is an ideal asset in any of these models. User handling is outstanding with the ergonomically designed handset fitting perfectly when held, and the amazing button placement. This walkie talkie is a really robust piece of kit, being able to handle pretty much anything you can throw at it. A little more expensive than a lot of other products on the market right now but with the design specifications, it is definitely worth it.

Overall there are many different options you can choose from when picking a walkie talkie. Price can take a big role in what kind of experience you are going to get, with a big jump in performance being made for not that much extra. Understanding that they are no longer a cool toy for kids, rather than a serious piece of equipment that can be used for outdoor working survivalists or emergency service workers, making the walkie talkie a must-have piece of kit.








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