RF Noise, is it Harmful?

RF Noise, is it Harmful?
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RF Noise, is it HarmfulThere have been a lot of discussions about smart meters, cell phones, wifi routers, radio transmissions etc etc… We often find ourselves seeing the media and other blogs and reports demonizing radio waves as the evil unseen force that will destroy our bodies. There have been many claims that rf will make people nauseous or have biological side effects with short or long term exposure.

RF Noise, is it HarmfulThe big topic in the past few years is routers, to quote a term from the World Health organization “According to the World Health Organization, RF exposures from routers range from 0.002 percent to 2 percent of the levels of international exposure guidelines.” This is contradictory to the claims that we are being over exposed to rf radiation that is harmful.

RF Noise, is it HarmfulI myself have been a ham radio operator for over 20 years, I have been exposed to literally thousands upon thousands of watts of rf. I have suffered no ill effects, no headaches, nothing that I can contribute to the transmissions. I have a smart meter, Wifi Router, satellite equipment, radios, and cell phones. Yet after operating all of this I have no ill effects. This being said I cannot speak for everyone in the world, there is a theory that some may be more sensitive to rf, however I have yet to see a conclusive study saying this is 100% accurate. There are a lot of factors that have to do with how this may effect a person if at all, and these are: Frequency, Duration, Distance, Power Level and Susceptibility.

Frequency: Certain frequencies are absorbed in the body then others, there are many spectrums of rf noise, such as vlf, uhf, hf, microwave. Microwave by far does more damage to the epidermis and internal organs then most other rf.

Duration: How long a person is exposed to the radiation.

Distance: How close you are to the transmitters antenna, the overall radiation decreases the further away you get.

Power Levels: How much power is output by the transmitter, often measured in milliwatts, and watts. And kilowatts.

TechPreps 350x350Anyone who is familiar with radiation exposure hazards, the striking parallels to radioactivity are obvious here. RF noise frequency is similar to the radiation type, like alpha, beta and gamma. In fact each of these particles move as frequency above that of ultraviolet light, and are actually composed of high speed particles. Each of the particle types effects the human body and systems in different ways RF power level is like the number of particles per second of a radioactive source. Both Duration and distance also translate into the realm of radiation exposure.

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