July 3, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Capitalism prevails over government programs, depend on yourself!

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broken FlagImagine a world where you can’t trust the government, and you have to be totally self reliant. A world where you can’t even trust dispatch to send someone your way, should you need help. In many ways, we’re already there. In most major cities, you could set of your house alarm and order a pizza at the same time, and the pizza would arrive faster. Clearly this proves that capitalism prevails over government programs, but more importantly, it proves that you can’t depend on someone else.

9-2 237764715_640So who do you call when the grid is down? Civil Dispatch. That’s right, CivilDispatch.com has come up with a new system that allows you to communicate both on and off grid. This system is easy to set up, and acts like a blast email. So now, imagine that you call in your state’s militia because (insert your own reason here), and within minutes you have backup support. With a touch of a button, you can transmit a signal via internet, and ham radio to get your message out.

This Monday, September 2, on The Gun Show, Dave Womach interviews the founder and CEO of civil dispatch to find its strong points, and its weaknesses. Use it for emergency, or to simply broadcast to all your friends that Timmy has a soccer game. Your choice. Tune in at 4PM PST, 7PM EST to find out how this system might save your life.

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