May 22, 2022


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An Old Geezer and His Tips on Communications!

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Ham Radiobear 1-14 2p4lstorms_300When regular means of receiving information are not available such as television, am/fm radio, telephones, and cell phones where should one go? Most experts would agree that of all forms of radio communications that may be put to use in a post disaster situation the Ham Radio (amateur radio) would be the most valuable in sharing information. We have had a few shows just recently on communications and each one bringing to the plate a great deal of information that is useful to both the novice and expert alike.

Sam Coffman of The Human Path gave us a lot of information just last week on ham radio in the second half of his program. Clear and easily understood he made sense out of the technical aspects answering the how and why questions that most may have. You can read more and listen to that show by clinking HERE. Last night, Dave Womach of The Gun show interviewed the founder and CEO of civil dispatch, an on line version of 911 and more that can send out emergency notifications through ham radio. In an emergency this could be a life saving resource even if you are not a ham radio operator. Read more and listen to this show by clicking Here!

hamradio-2013_ratzer-53Tonight, on this episode of “Preparing For Life’s Storms” Old Geezer Prepper from YouTube helps us understand setting up communications, communications network, the basics and also answer questions for the more advanced radio operator. He has been a prepper since late 1979 and a licensed Ham Radio Operator since 1985. He has also promised to not get so technical that we get lost. Also a visit at the start of the show with the founder of the new e-magazine “Happy To Survive” so join us tonight for more useful information when SHTF 9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct.
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