October 16, 2021


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David Vine Introduces Himself Joined by “Reality Check”

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New PBN Host David Vine Introduces Himself & Talks With Micheal Kline, Host of PBN’s “Reality Check”
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David Vine Introduces Himself Joined by “Reality Check”What do you want to know about All Hazards Communications Preparedness? We want to share with your knowledge gained from life-long experiences with all forms of communications– in good times and during crises. I’m your new host and I want to answer your questions.

After introducing myself I’ll talk with the host of PBN’s “Reality Check” nightly show, Micheal Kline, himself a Cybersecurity expert who’s also involved with radio communications.

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As a child, he played with an old military radio his father had bought for him, taking it apart and spreading out all the parts onto the concrete floor of the basement. From that humble beginning grew his life-long interest and use of radios. He obtained a general class amateur radio license at age 13 and was an avid shortwave listener.

His first police radio, a crude but tunable AM radio converter for his 1960 Ford Falcon, led to work as a photojournalist. At age 16 he chased fire engines and ambulances, shooting fires and accidents and sometimes having his photos published in the local daily newspaper.

The late 1960s and early 1970s were turbulent years in America. Race riots in more than 100 cities left hundreds of people dead or wounded and whole blocks of building burned to the ground. Police and firefighters were shot at and sometimes murdered by snipers. David monitored the police radio and sped to the scene to capture this chaos, publishing front-page photos in the newspaper.

“Scanner” radios debuted during the heyday of CB in the 1970s and David used them to monitor police and fire calls for his work in photojournalism. In 1975 David’s love of aviation earned him a private pilot license gaining experience with avionics.

Ever since those early days in the newspaper business David’s career has revolved around communications. He also worked as a licensed private investigator in Atlanta and public information officer for Miami International Airport managing news media people crowding the airport to cover airline hijacking, aircraft crashes and other news-making events.

Self-employed since 1981 he did PR, marketing and management consulting for aviation industry clients and later gained much experience in the computer and online services field. David developed, marketed and presented his pioneering “Internet For Investigators” seminar during the mid-1990s. Law enforcement, private investigation and corporate security professionals in 47 states participated in his seminars and workshops.

Today, in addition to hosting “All Hazards Communications Preparedness” David is completing a book on that subject and produces documentary video programs.

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