August 9, 2022


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Data Storage for SHTF Emergency Bug Out

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Data Storage for SHTF Emergency Bug Out
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Data Storage for SHTF Emergency Bug OutThe thought of bugging out is a real threat. Have you thought of the data you have and how you would store it, take it with you or use it on the road? The world today offers us many choices of how to use data to our advantage.

This episode is all about how we can utilize data, store it, and use it on the go. I go over such things as flash drives, sd card, portal hard drives, and portable devices. Also discussed are nooks, tablets, laptops, all of the ways we can have our data safe, secure and ready to use anywhere we go. How often have you been out and about and needed that document, that photo, or that little bit of information that you simply cannot seem to find? I know I have been in this situation.

Some people may choose to go low tech, which is surely an option. But if you have the choice to utilize technology I say use it to its full advantage while you have it. You might ask yourself what data will do in a time during shtf? You might need medical documents to identify you and your health issues if you are in danger and need help. Medical journals you can also store on a tablet to be used in case you need help.

Data can be used to disseminate information to other people,  such as the state of the country, any refuge places to go, cures for a disease, anything that we can think of that can be stored or sent to one another is the data we may rely on to save our lives. There are many other uses as well which I will go over as many points as I can. So enjoy the show and as always questions are welcome!
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