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Contrails, Chemtrails, Communications, and Controversy!

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Contrails, Chemtrails, Communications and Controversy!
David A. Vine “All Hazards Communications Preparedness” Audio player below!

Contrails, Chemtrails, Communications and ControversyUnder an Ionized Sky” is the title of Elana Freeland’s 2018 book, recently discovered by All Hazards Communications Preparedness show host David A. Vine. He shares some of the book’s startlingly relevant (related to emergency disaster communications preparedness) information with listeners live on this broadcast.

Here are some very thought provoking quotes from “Under an Ionized Sky:

Listen to this broadcast or download “Contrails, Chemtrails, Communications and Controversy” in this player!

“Conductive metal nanoparticles in the atmosphere act as capacitors to store energy and propagate conductive antenna fields. When metals suspended in the air are hit with radio frequency (RF), they resonate the length of the wave, then duplicate it. Fire a laser pulse for one-trillionth of a second and the distance the laser fires will be the distance of the wavelength you can then tune to. If a 10-meter wavelength creates a tunnel or waveguide the length of the pulse in the atmosphere, you can use it to tune a cavity to a specific frequency so tight that it will resonate harmonically and build from that frequency, duplicating itself over and over again, resonating that same wave over and over again, ringing like a bell or guitar string. If there is no resistance, it will go on forever. This is what Tesla meant by the perpetual existence of free energy.”

“On Earth, a healthy biological / emotional / mental life requires a balance of all four ethers supported by vital food, air, water, and consciousness, all of which are now under assault by a blizzard of radio frequency and microwaves, ionized metals, polymers, upper-atmosphere fungi, and genetically engineered biologicals.”

“Look up and you may see camouflaged DC-10 tankers or ghostlike low-flying drones compressing and releasing classified chemical compounds in which swarms of smart nano-machines are self-adjusting their size, temperature, and polarity to enhance their dispersal rate and refine their buoyancy as they seedstorm fronts and hurricanes, communicate weather patterns to supercomputers, and increase or decrease the storm’s size and intensity as radio frequency steers them to a specified target area. The U.S. Air Force document “Weather As A Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025” credits nanotechnology with the total weather modification process becoming “a real-time loop of continuous, appropriate, measured interventions, and feedback capable of producing desired weather behavior.””

“Space Fence Map” by Jim Lee, available at This map reflects the major elements that comprise the Space Fence: RED SQUARE / WHITE RADAR = Ionospheric Heaters. Facilities like the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP) in Gakona, Alaska are used by scientists and military (including defense contractors) to control radio frequency and radar operations through the combination of satellites and sounding rockets deploying chemical payloads (ion clouds, dust ice, metal-oxide clouds, barium, strontium, trimethylaluminum[TMA], sulfur hexafluoride [SF6], and lithium) and illuminating these plumes with extremely focused, high-powered microwaves.”

“Is radio frequency being used to vaporize metal nanoparticles in the lower atmosphere to produce
better communications for C4 objectives?”

Laser Light Communications was the first Optical Satellite Service provider with its Global Hybrid Satellite-Terrestrial All Optical Network. Under the Defense Information Systems Agency and in collaboration with Raytheon, HALO’s constellation of twelve satellites in medium earth orbit (10,000 km) uses high-powered laser to coordinate with terrestrial and undersea fiber-optic networks as one global surveillance network in alliance with the Space Fence.”

“Since the successful HAARP experiments and resurrection of the SDI Space Fence, seeding the heated regions of the ionosphere with “dusty plasma” has been all the rage. Dusty plasma is basically smart dust in space. As military and private rocket launches multiply to maintain a fleet of 2,400–4,000 surveillance/communications satellites, each with a five-year lifespan, sounding rockets are adding dusty plasma to the ring of conductive metal particulates settling around the equator to facilitate high-speed global WiFi coverage from space, like NASA’s Orbiting Rainbows Project that manipulates and controls orbiting engineered dust clouds with radio frequency, optics, and microwaves.”

“Starfire can transmit fiber-optic or direct light communications by putting them on a mirror or shooting them into a fiber-optic line and sprinkling them all over the Earth to be received all at one time, like a scanner in outer space that can send massive amounts of information instantaneously to multiple ground stations.”

Ground Wave Emergency Network towers are military relays to Military Strategic and Tactical Relay USAF communications satellites in geostationary orbit, and Single Channel Anti-Jam Man Portable Terminal to the rapidly deployable component of the Army’s Advanced Satellite Terminal program. This means that a GWEN electromagnetic web encloses CONUS in an artificial magnetic field five hundred feet high and girds CONUS with powerful radio frequency emissions that never sleep, replacing natural geomagnetic waves with artificial VLF waves and high levels of non-thermal radiation.”

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