September 25, 2022


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Communications Grid Down!

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Communications Grid Down!
Ray Becker… “The Ray Becker Show” Audio player provided!

Communications Grid Down!So, you got your long term storable food and fresh water is covered. You have your ammo and some gold and silver. Imagine a grid down scenario…no power, no running water. We now enter the Psychology aspect of Prepping. The isolation. The not knowing what is happening. There is a way of knowing, of making that basic human contact that is almost Tribal or instinctive.

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Radio communications is the aspect of prepping that has made my YouTube channel popular. Years ago when I was making my Prepper Checklist, I saw a hole and that hole was Communications. I ordered my first radio, a Wouxun KV-UG1P dual band HT. You don’t need a license to buy ham radio gear. So, I have the radio and I crammed in the Technician Class in just two nights.

Got my license and my call sign. Then I paid $75 for my GMRS License. Now I got busy programming repeaters and meeting local hams. The video’s came right away and I wanted others to see how easy it was. Tonight, I am going to focus on Communications.

Friday is the Preppers Round Table with Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy. New show, Reality Check with Michael Kline debuts Friday Aug. 4th. Bob from the APN Report moves to Saturday Aug. 5th. Hope to see you Thursday night.

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