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American Redoubt Radio!

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American Redoubt Radio
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American Redoubt RadioWhen someone new to prepping wants to go beyond the blister-pack walkie-talkies they purchased at Best Buy or some other retail store, they are usually directed to become a ham radio operator. To obtain an FCC amateur radio license that’s the right move. When it comes to joining the American Radio Relay League’s Amateur Radio Emergency Service(ARES), that might not be the best move.

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Our guest and I will discuss a major alternative– not a competitor to ARES but something very different. While ARRL strives to be non-political, the American RedoubtRadio Operator’s Network (AmRRON) is an independent group of proud American Patriots. It started out as a radio organization dedicated to communications among operators in the American Redoubt region but has expanded nationwide.

The states that the “American Redoubt includes Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, eastern Oregon, and eastern Washington.” According to Wikipedia, “The American Redoubt is a political migration movement first proposed in 2011 by best-selling survivalist novelist and blogger James Wesley Rawles which designates three states in the northwestern United States (Idaho, Montana, Wyoming), and adjoining portions of two other states (eastern Oregon, and eastern Washington) as a safe haven for conservative, libertarian-leaning Christians and Jews. Rawles chose this area due to the low population density and lack of natural hazards…”


AMRRON initiated regular national, regional, sub-regional and local radio networks and publishes a schedule on their website. The AmRRON National Scheduled Networks are active on HF 20m and 40/80m bands using voice and digital radio modes. We’ll discuss them with John Jacob Schmidt during the October 2 show, live from 9-10pm Eastern and talk about

We’ll also discuss with our guest covert communications may sometimes be required. The FCC prohibits encrypted messages by radio but written communications hand delivered are another matter.

During a previous show, Forrest Garvin and I discussed the concept of the One Time Pad (OTP) as a simple mechanism for covert communications written messages. AmRRON Dark Labs created a self-contained, field portable OTP unit. It’s self-contained and provides a very secure way to generate multiple One Time Pads. We’ll talk more about covert comms too, Tuesday, October 2, 2018, live at 9-10 pm on the Prepper Broadcasting Network.

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