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OWS could be an emerging threat to preppers and liberty.

Have you ever really wondered just what Occupy Wall Street was REALLY all about?  As a common sense, liberty lover, SOME of their message MIGHT make some sense to you, but you JUST AREN’T SURE!  Join me, Chris, as we sit down with the poitin and discuss how OWS could be an emerging threat to…
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April 30, 2012 0

Todd Sepulveda of A wealth of information!

Chris aka “RedHorse_Ronin had Todd Sepulveda on this airing of “Preppers Poitin Hour” and information was abundant. Todd, founder and operator of has brought together and accumulated a wealth of information all in one place making it easy for preppers or anyone else that want answers to find them. In helping to set up…
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April 23, 2012 0

Divide and conquer!

This show may have ruffled a few feathers in chat before our host Chris had his chance to explain the idea of fringe preppers being the voice of the majority. I believe he was dead on. Who knows the actual percentage of preppers that are main stream with the simple goal of independence and self…
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April 16, 2012 0

Chris and Carborendum! A great show on prepping and Preppers!

During the show, Chris asks the question, “How mainstream can prepping get?”  Can Preppers coalesce into an actual social movement that can affect the course of the nation?  Could Preppers take a page from the Libertarians and their Free State and Liberty Projects, and create Prepper friendly enclaves and communities within certain regions that has…
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April 9, 2012 0

Group dynamics in an emergency!

Have you given any thought to group dynamics in an emergency? Are you prepared if life puts you with people outside of your planned group? Are you prepared to go it alone? How important are your personal convictions and ideals when the world is upside down. Would you allow somebody with different political ideologies, different…
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April 2, 2012 0

Prepper Poitin! Get some.

The debut of American Prepper’s Radios newest show, Prepper’s Poitin Hour. Are you outraged at the dictatorial approach to private property that seems to be growing. are you prepared for the collapse of the US dollar? Do you invest in silver as an inflation hedge? Listen in player below as  Chris discusses the implications of…
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March 26, 2012 0

RedHorse_Ronin = Prepper Poitin

Many of you know RedHorse_Ronin from American Preppers Network for the many informative articles he has posted and more still from this network and the shows he has been a guest on. His education, formally, and in real life experience is obvious. I believe it fair to say you can not read a post from…
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March 23, 2012 0