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Cowboy Survival Skills that Ruled the West with The Next Generation Show

The old west was a romantic, desolate, violent place. It was a world without rule of law outside the borders of what few small communities spotted the landscape. Life then is what people today may consider the end of the world – no electricity, no running water, scarce food, barren landscapes, impossible terrain, vigilante justice.…
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February 24, 2019 0

Modern Mans Fire!

Modern Mans Fire! Jordan “A Family Affair” Audio player provided in this post! Since the stone ages depictions of man and fire seemed to go hand in hand with the will to live. Fire is life. So what is something that you think is survival essential number 1? The right Fire. we use fire for…
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September 2, 2018 0

Fire in the Sky Lessons Learned From a Wildfire.

Fire in the Sky! Lessons Learned From a Real Life Wildfire Event Ryan Buford “The Next Generation” Audio player below! Wildfire season is fast approaching. Like any small flame, there is a possibility of the uncontrollable force that follows. Tune into this show as we explore the responsibilities you have as a parent and a…
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July 2, 2018 2

15 Days of Fire!

15 Days of Fire! Host: James Walton “I Am Liberty” Audio player below! How do you write an article and do a show about making fire? It might be the most overdone subject in the prepper and survivalist world. I thought about it for a while. Why should I tell you about the fire triangle…
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October 5, 2017 0

Fire Craft 101

Fire Craft 101 Josh “The 7P’s of Survival” If you follow my blog you know I like to practice every possible means of fire making available. This week’s live show will feature a look into my fire kits, basic means of starting a fire, proper fire

November 18, 2015 0