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Illness, Sickness and Common Sense Cures!

Illness, Sickness and Common Sense Cures! Host: James “I Am Liberty” About a year ago my son was still very young and smearing me with sickness like nothing I had ever known. His body was creating disease that was just perfectly compatible with my own. I missed more work from legitimate sickness that year than…
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December 6, 2013 0

Crystals, Rocks and Gemstones for Healing!

Crystals, Rocks and Gemstones for Healing! Best of Prepper Broadcasting Diamonds are a girls best friend! This week join our visiting host Amy as she talks about the incredible value of crystals, rocks and gemstones. Crystals are used daily in our electronics but did you know they are superb tools for use in healing, water…
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December 3, 2013 2

Herbal Antivirals for Cold and Flu Season & More

Herbal Antivirals for Cold and Flu Season  Host: Sam Coffman “The Human Path” In last week’s podcast, Sam Coffman outlined a number of “herbal antibiotics” while explaining the context that herbs work within – which is different from the manner in which pharmaceutical medications work. This week Sam continues to discuss medicinal plants (Herbal Antivirals) that…
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November 12, 2013 0

Herbal Antibiotics, Post-Disaster

Herbal Antibiotics for a Post-Disaster Environment Host: Sam Coffman “The Human Path” Bacterial infections are some of the most difficult of infections to deal with, especially in a remote or post-disaster situation. Aside from the continual evolution of antibiotic resistant bacteria, unless you are a trained medical professional you may not even have access to…
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November 5, 2013 0

Venomous Snake Bites, Infections and Herbal Medicine.

Venomous Snake Bites, Infections and Herbal Medicine Host: Sam Coffman “The Human Path” As we have talked about before, the three biggest issues after a disaster are very likely going to be food, water and medicine. Add to this the fact that most post-disaster environments are laden with potential health threats: Rubble, obstacles and hazards,…
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October 29, 2013 0

Health Care Solutions / Herbal Medicine!

Health Care Solutions / Herbal Medicine!  Host: A Preppers Path Health care is on the minds of many particularly this week with the Obamacare Health Exchanges going on line Tuesday morning. A controversial plan at best, our Nation has embarked on a new course for health care and the people. Notice I didn’t say its people,…
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October 6, 2013 0

Herbal Medicine, First Aid to Save Your Life!

Herbal medicine is a must know in first aid in saving a life. There have been some major natural disasters this year so far, from the California fires to the very recent (and current) flooding in Colorado. I am originally from Colorado and over two decades ago I lived in two of the canyons that…
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September 18, 2013 1

End of the World Advise from “Billy Bob Blogger”

I ran across a “Blog Page” this morning where someone was predicting the End of the World, and lamenting how you will be suffering because you won’t even be able to find the most rudimentary over the counter medicines at your local pharmacy.  They went on to suggest a bunch of herbal remedies, as substitutes…
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August 31, 2013 2

Sustainable, Practical Medicine before and after the Sh*t Hits the Fan

Most preppers spend some time thinking about medicine after a social collapse, and stocking up on pharmaceutical supplies, as they should. Food, water and medicine are the first three resources that are fought over after every disaster, large or small. However, pharmaceutical supplies are limited and also require a certain type of training and experience…
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August 21, 2013 0

Colloidal Silver, fraud or natural anti-biotic?

With so much hype on both sides of the Colloidal Silver issue it is some time for real information. In this interview on “The Smith Fix” I talk with Mario Cifaldi, Developer of The Silver Lungs Generator. Will it turn you Blue? What is Colloidal Silver? What is Ionic Silver? How do I use it?…
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July 31, 2013 0

Cancer and Disease, Medicinal Hemp/Cannabis Oil part 3

Can this oil really heal people and pets with cancer and many health issues? Learn how important the Hemp Cannabis Plant really is THE ANSWER to restoring the well-being of the planet: environment, health and industry. Rick Simpson joins Sheri, “The Organic Pet Lady” again for the third part of the series on the Pet…
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July 30, 2013 1

Mosquito’s and natural headache treatment options!

On today’s Doom and Bloom Hour, Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy discuss the conflicts between city laws attempting to force higher wages and big businesses bringing increased job opportunities to communities. What’s itching you? It could be Asian Tiger Mosquito’s! Nurse Amy presents natural headache prevention and treatment options. Nurse Amy and Dr. Bones have…
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July 14, 2013 0

Primitive Survival Skills and Hands on Training!

From bush craft to natural medicines and even good old fashioned self defense. Tonight on I Am Liberty we have Sam Coffman. The man behind, in my opinion, the most comprehensive survival school in the country. There is no substitute for on the job training, hands on experience. I can tell you that it…
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July 12, 2013 0