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Planning For the Unexpected – Choosing and Wearing the Right Footwear Everyday

When it comes to preparing for some kind of an emergency situation, most people immediately think about guns and food. However, not considering the quality of your footwear and whether it will be up to the task could be a major flaw in your plan. In case you are faced with a survival situation, will…
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March 9, 2020 0

Urban Gardening With The Next Generation

One of the benefits of living on a homestead is leaving the urban world behind. But for many people that isn’t an option. So how can you go about creating a more self-sufficient lifestyle in an urban environment? Micro gardening. That’s right. Even in a concrete jungle, there are options that can provide a very…
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May 14, 2019 0

A Case for Horses in The Apocalypse – The Next Generation Show

Horses have been around for centuries, and without a doubt changed every culture they were introduced to. But in the last few decades, horsemanship has dwindled to a tiny fraction of what it once was. This week we are joined with prepping team Dale and Lisa of the Survivalist Prepper Podcast and Budget Equestrian to…
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April 27, 2019 0

How to Prepare for Disaster with Chronic Illness

  Prepping for a disaster, whether man-made or natural, is already difficult in its own right. The difficulties you will find yourself in can only be made even more strenuous when dealing with a chronic illness. However, when the economy collapses or the power grid goes down and the clock starts ticking, it is absolutely…
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April 17, 2019 2

Staying Afloat During A Flood – Part 2

Last week, we spent some time talking about the threat of oncoming floods that poses a significant risk to low lying areas across the country – especially those along the Mississippi river and southern regions of the United States. The flooding is a constant reminder that even if we have all our preps in line,…
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March 31, 2019 0

Self-Defense and the Bible, with The Gunmetal Armory and Archangel Dynamics

This week on TGA, we are gonna visit the library of the Gunmetal Armory. We are going to call on our brother Miles F. from Archangel Dynamics… and if possible, we are going to bring in another special guest. We’re going to discuss self-defense, what can happen in those highly charged situations, and what the…
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February 27, 2019 1

Sleep Deprivation!

Sleep Deprivation Jordan (Jfurgie) “A Family Affair” in player below! Everyone has heard of the term night owl. But did you know staying up at all hours can greatly affect you. Sleep deprivation is something we all at some time or another have gone through. Sleep deprivation is not having enough sleep, this can be…
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December 2, 2018 0

Sanitation 3: The Latrine!

Sanitation 3: The Latrine! Sanitation and Personal Cleanliness Part 3. The Latrine Micheal Kline “Reality Check” Audio player below! In this episode of Reality Check, we are continuing with part 2 of sanitation, literally. On this show our number 1 focus is on number 2. Everyone knows it by the same name whether latrine, loo,…
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October 6, 2018 0

Roaches, Rodents and Gators!

Roaches, Rodents and Gators Creatures that Bite and Sting Pt.4 Jordan “A Family Affair” Audio player provided in this post If you thought Part 3 made your skin crawl, then be ready for this show. Roaches, Rodents and Gators. Just wait until you find out how often you actually encounter roaches and never even know it. With…
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September 30, 2018 0

Sanitation and Personal Cleanliness!

Sanitation and Personal Cleanliness Part 2. Micheal Kline “Reality Check” Audio player below! This week on Reality Check we are continuing where we left off last week in discussing sanitation and what to do when nature calls. Last week EK covered a lot of topics on what to do when you are grid down and…
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September 29, 2018 0

Fire Awareness Tips and The Fireman!

Fire Awareness Tips and The Fireman! Jordan “A Family Affair” Audio player provided in this post Fire safety is something that we and our children learned or are currently learning in school. Stop, Drop and Roll. A simple phrase that we all remember. What to do if the house catches on fire. Know where all…
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September 23, 2018 0

Creatures that Bite and Sting Pt.3

Creatures that Bite and Sting Pt.3 Jordan “A Family Affair” Audio player provided in this post! Flies, Lice, and Coyotes. In this show, you will be guaranteed to have your skin crawling and feel itchy all over. Be prepared to be grossed out and terrified. Flies have always been viewed as nasty, but after this…
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September 9, 2018 0

Are you Prepared for Recovery?

Are you Prepared for Recovery? James Walton “I Am Liberty ” Audio player below! In our own lives we face serious illness and injuries and it turns out that most of the time we have what we need to recover. We either have it on hand or we can quickly go get some. What happens…
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September 6, 2018 0