January 15, 2021


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Mistakes a prepper must avoid when using a boot knife!

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Mistakes a prepper must avoid when using a boot knifeMistakes a prepper must avoid when using a boot knife
Author: John Lewis

Nowadays, people in this self-reliance journey are starting to pay more attention towards boot knives because it is easier to carry it around and better to conceal. This can be seen clearly when you are comparing between concealing a knife and a firearm.

Of course, choosing a suitable bootknife is an art by itself, where you have to look at several aspects such as the Blade-point design where there are straight back blade, sheepsfoot blade and spear point blade which you can choose from. The boot knife that you choose must be suitable for your boots as well. The length of the blade must be well-suited for storing in your boots and the use you intend it for, where you can select between short, medium and long blades.

After choosing a suitable boot knife, you need to start practicing with it to get the maximum benefit. When an imminent threat comes, and you need to defend yourself, you will be grateful that you have learned how to use the boot knife properly. For starters, there are some mistakes which you have to take heed of, which are listed below.

Mistake 1: Storing it in a place which does not allow easy access

You must bear in mind that certain ways of dressing would affect how you can conceal your boot knife. This is especially true for females where you may be wearing dresses or skirts which limits the amount of places which you can conceal your weapons because you may not be able to easily access these gears afterwards.

The way you should store the knife are usually determined by how the knife is deigned. For instance, if it’s a wave knife, you may want to hook it on the spine of the blade to store it.
Another factor to consider would be the overall size of the blade, whether it’s short, medium or long. It would affect how you should place the knife because those knives with big blades are more difficult to conceal and it’s harder to allow you to draw. The only benefit it brings is that it may cause more damage (as the cuts are deeper).

So, avoid the mistake of storing it in the wrong places. Find out those areas which are most convenient for you to reach, thinking how accessible you want to make it.

Mistake 2: Not understanding why you are concealing your boot knife

Most people make the mistake of not understanding why they are concealing a boot knife in the first place. This is really important because if you are storing a knife for self-defense purposes, then you may want to consider storing multiple knives for example.

When you are faced with an imminent physical threat, you may not be able to access the knives that is in your boot. Hence, it would be wise to store boot knives in several places including areas near your waist. You have to practice and find out how you are able to access your gear in the best possible manner as well because how easily accessible is the knife would depend on what situation you are caught in.

Of course, if you are storing more knives, the bigger problem would be the ability to conceal the knives from the sight of others. Also, it may affect your mobility and you may feel unpleasant. Hence, if you are having a boot knife for hunting purposes, it may be better to only take one because you need to move often. This shows the importance of being clear of why you are storing the knife for.

Mistake 3: Getting the wrong boot size

Wearing boot knives is dangerous because it may harm your body if it’s not properly stored. This particularly happens if you do not select the right boot size.
If the boots is too long, your knife cannot be properly concealed. If the boots you are wearing are too short, the knife may easily get thrown on the ground.

Mistake 4: Storing it in a place which makes you feel uncomfortable

You have to know which way of storing the boot knife can allow you to draw the weapon in the best way, which usually involves your strong side. If you feel that the boots are a bit far for your hands to reach, you can try to clip the knife to one of your available pockets on your dominant side.

My advice is to be open to other options of storing the boot knife rather than the ‘traditional method’ of keeping it in your boots. Try concealing it outside your waistband, especially if storing it there allows you to be in a better position to take it with less movement in times of needs. But remember, you have to make sure that it’s visibility is minimal as well.
There are other options which some may consider to be safe such as folding knives because it can be clipped in most places of your clothing without causing any harm. The cons for this is that it is more difficult to draw as compared to boot knives.


Here are the top mistakes you have to avoid when concealing a boot knife! It would be great to explore different ways you can store the boot knives too. For instance, you can store it in the boot sheath if you purchase a boot which is specifically made to conceal knives. Also, you can store it beside your ankle, you can put an extra sheath in your boots or even putting it under your feet. Of course, different ways of storing it calls for different precautions.
Picking up the skill of sharpening your knife is vital as well. When you are starting out, do not begin challenging yourself by sharpening a really dull knife. Also, avoid constantly changing your sharpening techniques although you do not see any progress. It takes a long time to sharpen a knife and see progress, where it may take about 20 to 30 minutes.
If you have any ideas or tips you want to share concerning this matter, feel free to comment below!

Author Bio:

I am John Lewis, a blogger, survivalist and outdoor enthusiast. You can follow me over at Epic Wilderness.

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