September 16, 2021


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Mark DeBryan: Family Reunion Series Author

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Mark DeBryan: Family Reunion Series Author
Bobby Akart “Prepping For Tomorrow

Mark DeBryan: Family Reunion Series AuthorOn this week’s episode of the Prepping for Tomorrow  Author Bobby Akart, best-selling post-apocalyptic fiction author P. Mark DeBryan joins the program.

Mark has always been a bit of a vagabond. Born in Washington, raised in California, he joined the U.S. Coast Guard after high school. During his Coast Guard career, he was an admiral’s driver in San Francisco, a deckhand on a cutter in the Bering Sea, and an aviation electrician in North Carolina, Texas, and Florida. After he left the Coast Guard he worked security, first guarding MX nuclear missiles, then at a nuclear power plant in California.

Eventually he went to college in Wisconsin, only to drop out after meeting his future wife. He went on to finish college at age 36 and owned a Miracle Ear franchise for a while. He went into publishing for a short time before becoming an information systems specialist. Mark currently splits his time between West (by God) Virginia and Surfside Beach, South Carolina.

8-18-16 family-reunion-book-oneFamily Reunion, book one of the series by the same name, follows the story of Ryan Brant. Ryan is heading to a family reunion when he discovers a world turned upside down by a CDC-issued vaccine gone bad. He bands together with his brother and niece to locate other family members in a no-holds-barred fight for survival. The family fights to regroup, Ryan struggles to survive, and the question becomes—will he live long enough to return to his wife and children.

8-18-16 Jaycover8-10After Family Reunion hit #1 Best Seller status in the Dystopian genre, Mark dove into the second book in the series titled Family Reunion J.

The South African flu had put the fear of God into the world. The press and the government assured one and all that a revolutionary nano-vaccine developed by Dr. Julian Ruegg had stopped the outbreak in its tracks. The vaccine had stopped the flu, yes. But two weeks later a strange and deadly side effect became apparent, a side effect worse than the flu—far, far worse.

Jay Brant, mother of two and ex-FBI fingerprint analyst, is trying to survive and get back to her kids as society unravels around her. Nothing matters more than getting her son Mark and his wife to safety in West Virginia, and then rescuing her daughter Auddy, who lives in South Carolina. Jay had put her husband on a plane bound for his family reunion in Seattle, then set off on a road trip to the eastern panhandle of West Virginia. Her job requires the trip once every two weeks, and the four-hour drive and overnight stay are completely routine.

As the day unfolds, she begins to realize that this trip will be anything but routine. Family Reunion J is available for preorder on Amazon for an August 23rd delivery.

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