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David Forsyth: Horror & Post-Apocalyptic Fiction

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David Forsyth: Best Selling Author of Horror and Post-Apocalyptic Fiction
Bobby Akart “Prepping For Tomorrow

David Forsyth david-forsyth-bioOn this week’s episode of the Prepping for Tomorrow program with Author Bobby Akart, bestselling author David  Forsyth will be our special guest.

David brings a unique nautical based writing expertise to the Prepping for Tomorrow program, having written two complete series based on the high seas. His Sovereign Spirit series and Sedulity books put readers in the relative comfort of luxury cruise liners, but that changes rapidly.

David Forsyth sovereign-spirit-coverHe self-published his first three novels in 2012.Voyage of the Dead, Flotilla of the Dead, and Deluge of the Dead comprise the 300,000 word Sovereign Spirit Saga: Volume 1. The plot revolves around survivors aboard a mega-yacht sailing through a world overrun by the zombie apocalypse. The characters could easily sail off to a deserted island, but choose instead to rescue and assist other survivors along the coast of California. From there, it gets really interesting.

2-4-2016 retribution-coverDavid’s books in the Sedulity Saga focus on the passengers and crew of a cruise ship sailing to Australia when a mile-wide asteroid strikes the Pacific Ocean. The focus is on the threat posed by a natural disaster. The threat extends far beyond the lives of those aboard the ship, but unlike his Sovereign Spirit Saga, there are no zombies present.

I first met David when we worked together on The Perseid Collapse Kindle Worlds project. His book, Retribution, was consistently atop the Science Fiction best seller rankings.  One of the main characters in Retribution, the USS Florida, an Ohio class cruise missile submarine, makes a cameo appearance in his latest work entitled Submerged, in the World of Wool, which pays homage to Hugh Howey’s Wool and Silo Saga series. This is a sea-faring story of the crew of a nuclear submarine that witnesses TEOTWAWKI, but refuses to accept it.

David holds a master’s degree in international relations and has pursued diverse interests and career paths. He is a licensed pilot and certified scuba diver. Mr. Forsyth’s professional endeavors have ranged from international trade to travel marketing, and from charter aviation to construction management. He lives in Malibu, California, with the love of his life, Pamela, and an army of munchkin cats.
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