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Passing down Knowledge

Fathers Day inspired this weeks show. As a youngster, I was a bit intimidated by my Father. A tall, strong construction worker, Dad was a hard-worker his whole life, and he instilled that same ethic upon his children. He was practically born into the role of bread-winner after his Father was killed when Dad was a toddler. Being the oldest boy he had to live a life of hard work early to support his Mom, his sisters, & his baby brother. It was in the midst of the depression, and times were hard.

Dad acquired a wide range of jack-of-all-trades skills, which coupled with a strong determined attitude, was a one-two punch which served well in accomplishing what goals that was set. For Dad, it was his most winning asset, to work hard at achieving. In some ways I’m far from being my Fathers son, but in others, I see him in me everyday. I’m thankful that I inherited Dad’s troubleshooting skills. It seemed he could fix most everything & I learned from his knee how to examine a problem & figure what’s wrong & what it takes to fix it. It served me well in the Air Force & later on in life.

This weeks show I’m going to tell you about my Dad, and some of the things he taught me, particularly on how to nurture a curious & intuitive mind, and apply a positive attitude despite a daunting task at hand. I think Dad would of been a great Prepper, He had the tools & the talent. Tune in Thursday Night, 9PM EST.

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