August 14, 2022


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Nick Klein & Raising Rabbits

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Nick Klein & Raising Rabbits
Karen Lynn “Lil’ Suburban Homestead

Nick Klein We Grow Ours studio1 (1)Nick Klein blog owner at Hostile Hare and Podcaster at We Grow from Hostile Hare will be on the show this episode talking all about raising rabbits for meat not only for the fact that they are delicious but also to talk in detail about how one goes about beginning to grow rabbits for meat, selecting the correct breed, humanely processing them and much more!

Nick Klein hostilehareAre you prepared to grown your own food in any type of long term emergency?

Are you concerned about processing rabbits or your ability to do so?

Do you know how many rabbits to start with?

What breed do I need to purchase?

Where do I find a rabbit to start raising meat at?

Nick will answer these questions and share facts with you that may just surprise you about the quality of the meat you are eating, the expense, and the pros and cons of raising your own meat.

You may soon find yourself on your own rabbit raising adventure. If you are not new to raising rabbits for meat come join us anyway you just may learn something new!
Karen Lynn and the Viking have been thinking about striking out on this next chapter themselves which would turn their little Suburban Homestead into now a homestead that would have two sources of protein; eggs and rabbit meat.
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