August 7, 2022


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We are talking pigs!

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We are talking pigs
Austin Martin “Homesteady Live“ Audio in player below!

We are talking pigs!Raising pastured pigs can be a fantastic way to put some meat on the table, and even have some product to sell your local community. But raising pigs isn’t right for every homestead. Should you raise pastured pigs on your homestead? What will it cost you to raise pastured pork? How much work are pigs? That is what we are going to help you answer in this episode of Homesteady Live in player below.

Pigs are my favorite animal to raise on the homestead. For the last 5 years K and I have brought pigs onto the farm, enjoyed as they grew in the grass of our homestead, and seen them turn our grass, table scraps, and some added grain into amazing quality pork! Pigs are smart, generally friendly, resilient, and when they are finished and in the freezer they create some of the best pastured meat you can get!

But before you run out an buy a few pigs you need to make sure that you are ready for them. Pigs require good infrastructure. Early in the season when things are cold, you may need a barn. Later in the summer? Just a lean to will suffice. The most important infrastucure for pigs is good fencing, as an escaped pig is hard to capture! Don’t forget, a pig also needs a constant supply of food and water. That means a way to get enough pig feed delivered to the farm, and given to the pigs. For just a couple this will mean just a few bags every few days, but with a group of 5 or more one ton deliveries are more reasonable.

And when they are all done growing? They need transferred and processed. They are well worth the work, but they are a lot of work! SO…

Should you bring them on to your farm or homestead? Are they a good choice for your next farm endeavor? Will you save money and be able to put some of the best quality pork chops and bacon available in you freezer? Or is it too much for you to bite off? Join Accountant Mike and Aust as they breakdown owning pigs for meat, and see if it would be right for you in this episode of Homesteady Live.

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