December 4, 2022


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Four-Legged Veterans Special The Dogs!

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Four-Legged Veterans Special The Dogs!
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Four-Legged Veterans Special The Dogs!This year marks the 100th anniversary of the end of the first world war, and on Sunday we celebrate and honor those who have fallen for our country during all wars, foreign and domestic, by paying respects during Veterans Day.

I like to think that I’m patriotic – a voice of the constitution, an honorable citizen, a supporter of our troops. But it is all too easy to revel in the freedoms we share without giving enough pause to those who have served to protect our freedoms and way of life.As turmoil and chaos spread outside our borders, we look to others to stand guard on our behalf while we live in a state of normalcy, comfort, and excess.

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In our own homes, we rely upon the security and comforts provided by a guard dog – large or small. By my side are my own patriotic companions – the red, white, and blue dogs that serve and defend my home on a regular basis. But even these troops can barely shake a stick at the real K-9 defenders that protect our borders, our troops, and our overall security in some of the most hazardous scenarios you could imagine.

On this episode of The Next Generation Show, we will be spending some time in honor of Veteran’s Day, and in particular to those among the ranks who rarely get a fair shake. The K-9 units across the country and abroad serve our military, law enforcement and disaster relief without fail. We’ll be sharing stories of heroism, what it takes to be a four-legged hero among the ranks, and some of the military training tactics that you can employ when working with your own home defenders.

Also, don’t miss out on the Pint-Sized Prepper Project of the Week where we will show you how to create your own tactical dog collar that can be used in a survival scenario while out with your pet!

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