December 2, 2022


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Robot OVERLORDS, Prepper Camp Schedule and The Perfect Amount of Hens

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Broadcasting network. We have to hit the reset button to create a true culture of preparedness, starting at a very young age and still train all the way up.

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Good evening. PBN family. What is going on? James Walton here it is the I am Liberty show. How many hands is the right amount of hands? What is going on? It is hump day. I hope you have enjoyed this week. Short week for many enjoyed the labor day holiday promo code labor day, all over the prepper broadcasting network and disaster coffee. It’s going to go all week long.

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You got Thursday got Friday left promo code labor day over a disaster coffee. We’ll get you $5 off bunker beans. No, I’m not going to explain it. Go read about them. $5 off one year If you use the promo code labor day also, you’re welcome. Enjoy it. If you got money to spend, we certainly appreciate your support both through disaster, coffee and prep,

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So here we are. What are we doing tonight? We wrapping tonight. Tonight, we will wrap you and I and the rest of the listening audience. Now I asked, I got a little jump on it, right? For a change. I did a little prep work, so I got a few topics to touch on and we can, we can hit those tonight, but really I’d like to have a good old fashioned.

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I am Liberty show, no central nervous system free association doing the podcast live while trying to slay the overwhelming amount of flies that are in my quote unquote studio at the moment. They’re trying to take me off my game, but I don’t think it’ll happen so many things.

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It’s a real off topic thing. For those that happen to see it live says Michael Klein. I’d love to tell you exactly. Who’s in chat. I really haven’t figured this thing out yet. It looks like skunk. Volcana grey Kline, a good liner. Good lineup. Now I did add something to the docket just before. Well, I didn’t add anything. Actually. I got a telephone call that added something. You can look now, you don’t have to wait, but we are going to go over drum roll, please.

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The, the 2020 prepper camp schedule, which you probably don’t know it yet, but it’s out. Oh, it’s out. It’s over on the website of the map vendors, the schedule of classes, the whole nine yards. It is out. So we’re going to talk about that too. We’re going to hit that hard as well and whatever else might happen upon us before, before dinner today, I was looking out the window with the little flock of hens.

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And I think I have a question. I think I have a question, an ongoing question that will probably last for eternity. What is the perfect amount of hints? Because there is a perfect amount. There’s no doubt about it. If you’re a backyard Henner, there is a perfect amount of hints to have in the backyard. It is.

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I’m going to delete that volcanic. Thank you. But I’m going to delete my thank you comment because I see what I did there. I just put it right in the middle of your beautiful lineup ramp. Oh, don’t tell me that the message deleted sign is going to stay there forever. Oh goodness. Okay. Michael Klein says 23.2 hens per, per backyard. Now let me explain why, why I say, what is the perfect amount of hands?

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One of the questions or one of the topics that was presented to us tonight was how to feed. And this is, this is a biggie. You know, this is a big question that people like me. Don’t worry about that much because we’re not spending $300 at a time on livestock feed. And we don’t have goats and the whole nine yards. So I can vote Kennan an element in our EOC over there.

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She put together this beautiful lineup show, title date, and then she was going to put the link and the Intrepid commander crash landed in the middle of it all with a stupid food cue. I messed the whole line of it. Then I tried to delete it. Now it’s got to leave a stupid, no sewage deleted sign right up there in the middle. But anyhow, so there was a question about feed, right? How to feed livestock or the difficulties of feeding livestock in SHTF right.

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And this is kind of a, there are two things, there are two hangups at the very least that you can put on the homesteader, all the, particularly the off grid homes, theater, I’m not an off grid homesteader, but from what I know from who I know there are two big hangups that most off-grid homesteading preppers probably lose a little bit of sleep about, right?

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And one of them is propane and the fuel in general, really, if you’re not talking about wood and the other one is a feed. I mean, if you’ve got the chickens, the hens, the turkeys, the what else did people keep the quails, the game hens, the sheeps and the whole nine yards, maybe a horse, maybe some pigs. I mean, they all gotta be fit, you know, and, and you more than likely the vast majority of people head out to the feed store and spend an exorbitant amount of money to feed those animals.

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And of course when the, when the feed disappears, that’s a big problem, right? When you start, when you have to, when you have to start taking the chickens and killing them to feed the pigs, that’s a problem. That’s a problem. So I don’t know enough about how big a field you would need to grow the food, the feed you would need to feed a certain amount of animals.

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But what that question really did for me, more of an urban homesteading guy was contemplate. What is, what is the appropriate level of hence, because there is an appropriate level. There is a level because for me, six hands right now, I have five in a rooster, but that number I’m sorry, four and a rooster. We did lose one. That number is not enough to feed everybody here, right?

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Which is why we have the rooster, but there are limitations here in the city, right? Limitations that I really wouldn’t give a damn about if I was, if I was struggling to feed my family, but there are, there are laws that said, there’s a certain amount of, there’s a certain amount of chickens that my yard can hold. And from a, from a few different standpoints, right? Like there’s a certain amount of yard that I have that is capable of absorbing the chicken s**t.

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Because my chickens roam, I mean, they roam sun up to sun down. They don’t, they’re never in a pen unless I have to put them in a pen. And this is another issue, right? This is another issue. So the appropriate number of chickens in a setting like mine is one where the environment can handle them. There’s still enough natural food on the ground and in the dirt and in the bushes and the sticks and in the, you know, leaves and underneath them, for them to not sustain themselves completely, we feed them.

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We feed them too much, really, to be honest, but we have chicken feed as well as they eat all day, it probably would be fine if they ate all day just in the yard. But they are in a larger pen known as my backyard, which is a big back yard. And they’re also protected, right? So they’re protected because I have to my three big dogs with two big dogs that really hang outside most of the day. In fact, one almost I missed it. My son told me the story, but one almost went airborne and caught a, a White tail Hawk, red tail Hawk.

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I don’t remember what my son said. It was. He said it was a streak of white, but he called it a Hawk. So all of those things combined to create an environment that I can appreciate with chickens for one reason overall. Cause I don’t think about them whatsoever. Literally I wake up, brew the coffee, do the thing, you know, dogs out, walk, bring them home, whatever, get, get started, typing away work. And when the sun’s up it, I opened the door.

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I opened the door on the coop and I let them roll. I let them roll. And that’s the deal. Volcana is an interesting question. So this could spur a whole entire nother conversation, but we’re going to go down that route because I don’t really care tonight. A volcanic question since chicken S is considered hot from a Northern compost, what happens if they go on your garden? Okay. So my chickens are ravenous. Okay. So their, their manure is really the least of my worries.

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If they get into my garden and they got into two garden beds this year and decimated green beans this year as well. Now, years prior, I had a, a larger fenced in area for the garden that kept them out this year. I did a little bit more of a free form garden with, with beds, kind of spread out all over the garden, all over the yard rather. And my let’s just say the chickens ate well, they ate well, they can’t be in the garden.

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There’s no, I mean, I don’t know if it’s just cause of the type of things that I grow, but they’ll lead holes in. Pumpkin’s still, they destroyed the kale this year. They just turned into kale, fanatics. I even fenced the kale bed. They stuck their little heads through it and ate most of it. I even raised, I raised the bed on top of a little run that I used to use for them, but I don’t anymore. And they even figured out how to get up on that thing.

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So if you’re going to have success in a small yard with not a small yard, but if you’re gonna have a success in a yard with chickens, which really need to do is, is you have to dedicate an area to gardening, which was one of my most re one of my most recent projects. Really. I was filling new beds with dirt last night, tilling the old garden and turning that back into, well, here’s what I did guys.

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My, my, where I grow is very wet. Very, I mean, there’s a Creek, you know, I could throw a rock from my, where I’m sitting right now and hit the Creek. No problem. So my ground is very wet all the time. That’s good for some things horrible for others, right. But I do potted plants to mitigate that kind of stuff. No big deal. But what I have noticed is that trees grow exceptionally well. They, they are very survivable.

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They seem to do really well. Fig trees suffer big time in my yard, raspberries and bushes perennials really seem to do well. So I had this little plot that was kind of my main issue garden. Right. And had had most of my beds in it. And that type of thing, I just ripped it down. I ripped it down. I tilled the whole area out. I told my wife, go ahead. You can see it with grass. My wife is a grass person.

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She likes grass. I don’t share it. I don’t care. You know, I’m not a grass guy, but I’ll cut it. And I’ll, you know, I love her, you know what I mean? You know what that is, right? You do things for the people you love, even if you don’t understand it. So I say, we can see it, turn it into yard. But when I get the money, there’s going to be some more trees in there, probably plums and couple apples, something like that. So we’re going to have, like, rather than have these beds spread out throughout the place, I’ve dedicated a smaller area to the garden itself.

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Well, it’s actually probably the same size area, really, to be honest to the garden itself, that I’m going to fence in barbed wire electric, you know, perimeter, alarms, snipers, the hole to keep the dogs and the chickens and the rabbits and whatever the hell else out. And then we’re going to dedicate a little more space to trees in the yard and bushes. You know, I may turn that whole right side of my yard into a little permaculture experiment.

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I mean, I could do that. I’ve got a line of trees, both natural and planted Paul Paul’s peaches. If I add a couple of apples and a couple plums, which I think I got room for, I may just hold, turn that whole row into a little permaculture experiment on the right side, you know, bushes, vine and ground cover the whole, the whole thing and do that. And of course you’re sacrificing whatever Bush as well to the chicken hoard, but this is what I’m getting at when I’m talking about a hands off perfect number of chickens, because there is a perfect number, you know, and it might be like 10 for me, it might be 10, 10 would not be bad.

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A 10 would likely give me, I always just go by half. Like when I, when I talk about laying hands and if I’m planning for laying hens, I go, I take the number of hands and divided by two for eggs. And that’s how I go. And I’m almost always better, right? I’m almost always over producing based on what I want, but Hey, it’s better than planning for more. Right. So I look at it this way. If I have, if I have 10 hands, I have five eggs daily in most cases, right.

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Winter, it might slow down even more than that. But most of the time it would be more than that, more than five, but let’s just say five eggs a day, family of four, obviously not our only source of protein, but a really good source of protein to have around. Yeah, I dunno. 10 might be right. But when I say hands, when I say hands, I just, the way we keep pens here is just exquisitely liberal.

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Like I said, it’s totally hands off aside from cleaning the coop and you know, going out and sitting there and hanging with them sometimes and giving them some treats and stuff. It’s, there’s no coop, there’s no run. There’s no, they don’t. They hang out in the yard all day. You know what I mean? And that’s what that’s kinda, the raising of hands has been for us. And that’s the way I would like it to stay, you know, because in a situation where feed gets cut off and things like that, I want to be already halfway full, have chickens that are halfway full.

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If you know what I mean, I digress folks. Okay. These are the things that go through your, your fateful host’s mind. I don’t know what to tell you. All I can tell you is that if you don’t have them, there is something very, I don’t know what the feeling is really reassuring. I don’t know if that’s it. There’s definitely some satisfaction in doing the dishes and looking out the window. And there’s a little flock pecking away at the grass and eating bugs.

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And you know what I mean? You know, they’re doomed. I mean, I look at them out there. I know they’re going to get an infection or I get attacked or, you know, p**s me off and get eaten or whatever. But you know what they’re living about as good a chicken life as they can. I can tell you that much when it comes to my birds there, if a chicken had to, you know, if it was like a one to 10 chicken skin, quality of life, they’re up there, they’re eights or nines.

1 (19m 9s):
The roosters definitely taken it down a bit for the ladies. I could tell you that much. They’re not in the Haven. They used to be. And they got to fight a little bit. But outside of that good life, good life. Michael Klein says I had 13 hens and a rooster for EK and I had way too many eggs. We let them breed. And any male Pulitzer market for meat. Yeah. I hear you on market for meat.

1 (19m 41s):
I don’t mind killing them, but it’s not my, you know, I don’t look forward to it on a Sunday. I’ll tell you that much. I don’t look forward to slaying them and hanging them and cutting necks and you know, the whole thing, right? Getting the feathers off the whole dip job with the hot water and you peel the feathers off. All right.

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Michael Klein, I’m ready for a treat. I think, I don’t know. Maybe, maybe not a revolution of acceptance, PBN family. That’s what we need. Okay. I don’t know. I don’t. I mean, it’s something I’ve been talking about since I wrote the book many years ago, but it’s very clear that we need to be a more accepting lot. We’ve become way too efficient at making fun of people and dividing people.

1 (20m 45s):
You know, we’re really good at it. We got t-shirts and bumper stickers and all kinds of stuff that goes towards this idea of me over you. And I’m better. And you’re you suck and your side sucks. And you’re an idiot. I’m telling you, we need a revolution of acceptance and we need it on both sides, right? We definitely needed on both sides. Conservatives need to be more accepting of, of things. They don’t understand progressives and liberals.

1 (21m 17s):
They need to be more accepting of white people in general. Oh my God. Do you want to hear a crazy thought that I had today? Let me read what Michael Klein threw in here, because this is pretty cool. Take a cage of 100 crickets, crickets. It really hard to come by, by the way. And a six pack of cold beer, go sit in a chair, open a beer, take a handful of crickets and throw them into the coop. That is true.

1 (21m 47s):
Blue redneck entertainment. Let me says that sounds better than NASCAR. See, this is where I thought you were going. Michael Klein. I thought you were going to say, take a hundred crickets in a six pack of cold beer and douse the crickets in the beer before throwing them into the coop with the chickens, and then watch the chickens fall over, drunk all over the yard. While you drank the rest of the beer. When I read the first sentence, I’m going to be honest with you. That’s where I thought we were gone, but I liked that idea too.

1 (22m 17s):
Nothing wrong with that. Anybody ever played chicken poop. Bingo. This is something I’ve threatened to do, but we’ve never done. So chicken poop. Bingo. Let me see if anybody in chat jumps on that one. We’ve never done it in our yard. We don’t party as much as we used to. We used to have parties in the yard, in the house and we get rid of my wife and I came to the conclusion that we don’t really like people over that much thousand in bourbon.

1 (22m 50s):
So imagine a giant bingo card, right on a tarp spray, paint it, white, whatever you want to do, but create your own big, giant bingo card with a tarp and you know, numbers, the whole thing. And then you set everybody up with a seat and a brew and their bingo card, right? And you got your, you know, your whole situation.

1 (23m 21s):
There, you’re a one B whatever, kind of a grid system you set up. And then you put the chickens, you put the chickens, you know, around their little tarp area. I guess some crickets would help. Some mealworms would help to keep them there, or you’d have to run some fence to keep them inside there. And they basically go around and whenever they drop a, whenever they drop a present from the , you just Mark that down on your bingo card.

1 (23m 54s):
And I guess the more chickens you have, the better little chicken, bingo, whoever gets it, gets it. I don’t know. Maybe they get the eggs for the day. So crazy thought. No, that’s not a crazy thought. It’s just a hilarious observation. Okay. Since we are living in times where the white people are being drugged through the mud on a day to day basis, by this cultural revolution of say it with me, other white people.

1 (24m 26s):
Yeah. On a day to day basis, we’re seeing other white people tell us how evil and guilty and miserable and racist other white people are. And then we have some hyper radical black supremacists who actually believe that all white people are racist, no matter what they do, they can never be not racist. It’s just not possible. They’re the only people who can be racist. And you know, when I hear those people talk, I really wish that they would just cut to the chase, you know, stop beating around the Bush, just get right to the intent.

1 (25m 2s):
And let’s, let’s do this thing. Get right to the intent. What’s the, what, what are we doing? White people are racist. They can’t help it. Don’t move a colonizer. So what, okay, what’s the end game? Give me the punchline. What is the punchline? Is it chains? Is it firing squad? Is it the surrendering of, of all assets? What’s the deal? What’s the game plan. Okay. So in an age where these are things that are legitimately set out of the mouths of people, right?

1 (25m 33s):
I mean, these are things being set out of the mouths of people, white people are racist. They’ll always be, they cannot do. There’s nobody, nobody who’s white cannot be racist, impossible in an age of this. Right. I was listening to a commercial on a radio show while I was cooking breakfast. And the, and the radio show mentioned how many people legitimately believe in UFOs and aliens?

1 (26m 6s):
And I said, yeah, I get that. I can get that. A lot of people leave that. And then I started thinking about the people who believe it and sort of the things that they believe, right. Volcana hitting them hard in the chat. I like it. Body shots. So you start thinking about why do people believe in UFOs and, and, and that type of thing, you know, and one of the arguments that I always really liked that come from the UFO cleanse is we had this radical advancement in technology that happened in the mid 20th century.

1 (26m 55s):
And the only way that that could be possible is if Roswell really happened, if the spaceship came down, the aliens got injured, we did what humans do we weave instead of, you know, bringing it back to life, we put them on ice so we could cut them open and inspect them. And we went on the craft and we found all the equations and the technology in their, in their craft. And we use that to create computers and the internet and all the, you know, the amazing advancements that happened from the mid century on.

1 (27m 36s):
And I was thinking about, I always loved that theory. I think that’s such a cool theory. I don’t believe any of it, but I really do think it’s awesome, right? This idea that like, Oh my gut, this, this group of people showed up at area 51. It was look what we got, man. We got them, look at this ship and they’d go up on the ship. Oh, I know what we can do with this. We can make a microwave out of this. We can make a computer from this technology. And I started thinking about that for a little while.

1 (28m 7s):
And I said to myself, I gotta be careful how I word this. Cause I want it to be effective. The incredible, the almost unfathomable advancements in society and technology that were brought on predominantly by European European in background, I guess, Caucasians, not exclusively, but the vast majority of these advancements that took place in the mid 20th century were brought upon by white men of European descent.

1 (28m 55s):
Right? Caucasians, if you will. And these advancements are so mind blowing that there’s a segment of the population, the only way they can wrap their minds around it is if they say, okay, there’s no way man could be so brilliant, but we can explain it away by some sort of Roswell alien sort of situation.

1 (29m 30s):
I don’t know. I just, I couldn’t overcome that for a little while. That was a pretty good one. Just the idea. It kind of reminds me of like the eight, eight weight class title holding by Manny Pacquiao and out Floyd Mayweather was so astounded by the fact that he could hold titles in so many weight classes that he just said, steroids doesn’t make any sense. So what it’s gotta be okay. I’m going to take a quick break and I’ll be back

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Yeah. I’m not sure if they’re getting that one in school or not. I doubt it. We can’t even get them to say the important ones, so, Oh right. What do we want to get into? I do have a, well, I want to give you kind of an, you know what, let’s look at the, the layout for prepper camp. Since I just got it. I want to wait too late in the show.

1 (32m 2s):
Rick called me, like, I don’t know, eight 30 bunch of questions about a bunch of things. But in particular, the takeaway was we have, we have the layout and I’ll give you the good stuff right up front, South tent. That’s a 30 by 30, 10, 15:00 AM NBC protection and survival with Dave Jones, the NBC guy.

1 (32m 33s):
So, you know, breakfast, if you want to do a, I don’t know if you want to do a morning thing, do a morning thing, but I can tell you the first class you don’t want to miss is going to be the NBC guys, class 10, 15:00 AM, South tent, by the way, one stipulation. If you do not have prepper camp tickets and you did not get prepper contempt, camp tickets, don’t go to prepper camp.

1 (33m 5s):
You cannot get in. Okay. Do not drive the salute in North Carolina, no matter how close you are in hopes that you might just maybe could possibly get in, not getting it. Okay. It’s not happening. After 10 15, you go over to the beach tent at 1130, kind of wish Shaffer. He was in chat. She’s not in issue because she doesn’t know about this yet. She’s going to be excited at 1130, using fibers for homesteading and survival with our very own J Fergie.

1 (33m 42s):
Okay, that’ll be at the beach tent, 1130, I’m late. They got me on at 4:00 PM. Protecting your gun rights. It’s a whole support slash two way slash Virginia struggles story, really sort of centered around how we need to better apply ourselves in supporting the things that matter. So there’s a ton of other CLA I mean 9:00 AM D hydrating, beekeeping getting off grid.

1 (34m 19s):
Now, concealed carry and defensive shooting, fermenting to preservation, machete combat one Oh one. If you go to prepper camp, who the hell is not going to show up for machete combat one Oh one. You know what I’m saying? Dutch oven cooking. All right, 10, 15. I’m not going to tell you every class because that’ll bore you to death, but I’ll tell you the ones that I would look into, Oh, there’s a blacksmith in class 10 15, but you see the, my mornings are going to be full because I’m going to be selling coffee also.

1 (34m 59s):
So we’ll have to work that out meals in a jar, 1130 survival groups, truth about EMPS. That was there last year. I think geothermal energy Tomahawk throwing is always a good time. One 30 at the back by you protect your gun rights. That’s the James pandemic survival.

1 (35m 30s):
We’re in the midst of it. Four. O’clock how to reload. Ammo is back. That’s a good one. You’re the veterinarian. Check that out. Five, 15 big South tent, 250 people. You know, what I don’t see is is Sam Culper? Not back this year. I don’t see any of it. Privacy and security. Maybe. No, that sounds like forest physical security. Maybe can congregational security.

1 (36m 0s):
That might be him back to back. Like, I don’t know. Maybe he’s not, I don’t see anything about a Oh wow. Friday night movie is George Orwell’s 1984, 8:00 PM. Not a bad one. Not a bad one. So yeah, prepper camp right around the corner. That’s the lineup be there or be square. It’s going to be a good time. We may or may not.

1 (36m 31s):
So for the continuity for my people in the continuity, we had been talking about burning in particular effigy at prepper camp and something phenomenal has occurred at prepper camp this year. They’re already planning a mask burning ceremony.

1 (37m 3s):
So I think we’ll piggyback the mask burning ceremony by bite simply. Yeah, I think what we’re going to do is we’re going to simply burn a, a, a gigantic roll of toilet paper, a sacrifice to the prepper gods for 2020. Okay. So we’re all going to gather together. We’re going to burn our masks in solidarity, ally, the bra burning, I guess, of the, the women’s revolution.

1 (37m 35s):
I know that’s not the right word. I got hung up on that when I said the women’s revolution, but we are going to burn some masks and have some fun with that. Yeah. I think I’m going to slip a big old toilet paper in there for the continuity and, and that will be our sacrifice to the prep of God’s of 20, 20 toilet paper gate. But don’t worry members check it out members at the very least, I’m going to record Jay Ferg and myself and probably Dave Jones too.

1 (38m 12s):
Okay. So those, those live presentations I will record and I’ll put those up as members only content. So if you’re a member or if you’re thinking about becoming a member and you’re saying, I can’t make it to salute in North Carolina for three days, come on, man. I live in Oregon. My house just burnt down. Whatever your situation, the West coast, isn’t saying, what is going on? Why do we send the bravest men of all time to die all over the world?

1 (38m 45s):
How does this society sustain when they send their bravest and their best, you know, across the world to fight. And now there’s all these guys who are lined up fighting these fights. I mean, incredible men don’t get me wrong. Brave in insanely insane bravery. Like you can’t hardly understand it. Right? But I get nervous. You know, what’s the, what’s the limit. What’s the balance point for all the heroes have died. How many heroes can you, you lose?

1 (39m 18s):
If I were on the West coast, remember not long ago, they were saying, Oh, it’s COVID. We gotta let the, we gotta let the prisoners out. I just killed a fly, super, super goal. Anyway, we got to let the prisoners out. It’s COVID, they’re spreading it. They might get sick. They might die. How come the death row inmates don’t get suited up for, for fighting wildfires? What, what am I missing?

1 (39m 49s):
What am I missing that we take these incredibly brave men that, I mean, they’re heroes. I hear there’s 14,000 or something. Men on the front lines, probably some women too, but you know, fighting these fires, risking their lives. Now think of the quality of the type of person that says, Hmm. I think what I’ll do is I will take time from my life, take time from my family and I’ll go fight a wildfire that could kill me.

1 (40m 22s):
And I don’t know if you know what these guys do, but they basically, I mean, well, I know one, one thing that they do, right, is they dig like trenches and things of that nature to make space between the fire and the trees. And I learned about this from listening to David Goggins, because naturally this is something that he does when it’s off time. Right? He just goes and, and he says, what you basically do is you dig trenches all day into the night.

1 (40m 54s):
Then you get in a sleeping bag and go to sleep and you wake up and you start digging trenches again. So you think about the type of person that would commit to something like that. And you say, okay, how many of these guys can we lose before society suffers, greatly as opposed to put a shovel in the guy who raped the five little girls and set their house on fire and tell him you need to dig for your life.

1 (41m 26s):
My man, I mean, I know COVID is turning us all into hip’s theaters, Bloomberg, Tiffany Carey, September eight, 20, 20. I don’t even know what a hips debtor is proud to be an Okie from Muskogee. Thank you. Oh, man. There was a time in my life when I listened to that guy all the time.

1 (42m 3s):
All right, what do we want to get into now? Hold on one sec. Oh God. He who hesitates. He who has a Tate’s you know, there’s this thing I’ve been thinking about called blind democracy. Let’s see what vault can has to say about firefighters. Before I get into blind democracy, a friends cone was one of the volunteer firefighters.

1 (42m 39s):
When we had the fires in BC a few years ago, my friends had to leave their home. But as their son was a volunteer firefighter, they gave him the keys and his team stayed at my friend’s house while they fought the firewall. That’s I’m sure they were loving that beds and couches and shower gets hell for them guys. I mean, it’s literally hell on earth, you know, literal hell on earth, really? But that is what it is.

1 (43m 9s):
That is what it is when you, when you, well, I mean, there’s a number of things, right? There’s a number of things that affect these wildfires. I don’t really feel like talking about wildfire and I’m not talking about wildfire. I don’t feel like talking. It’s not something I even want to get into a little bit. Well, if you cleared the brush and if they would chop down the dead wood, I don’t feel like even a little bit getting into that. I’ll tell you what was an interesting question though. And since we have Sam with us in, since we have Sam with us in the live chat, I should bring this up cause she can, she can also give us a little something on this.

1 (43m 46s):
Me gray, still with us. Cause he was the guy who put this in my head as a topic he was saying, well, I think he actually sent me a link. I didn’t go to my apologies. My apologies for a long time as a freelance writer, I’ve been well aware of the fact that one day they’re going to be robots doing what some semblance of what I do for living day to day. Okay.

1 (44m 16s):
Some semblance eventually. I mean, there are, they already can write articles. You know what I mean? So they already can write articles. And I know a lot of unscrupulous writers who would have no problem or a lot of unscrupulous content creators. Let’s put it that way, who would have no problem hiring a robot if you will, to craft all their content.

1 (44m 51s):
And you know, if it were, if it were key, here’s the scary thing about Google, right? The reason most preppers writing stands out when it stands out is because it’s based on some kind of personal experience, right? When you read kind of direct Gish blog writing, that is you, you know it when you read it right, when you read something and you’re like this, person’s never actually done this. They just start reading about a thing and regurgitating about a thing, which is, I think what robots can do it best.

1 (45m 29s):
Here’s the scary part though, right? If you write, and this is just a little peek into what kind of online writing has become, which is why I’m so grateful for the network and for disaster coffee and all your guys’ support because you know, there’s only so much writing for sales that a person can do before they lose their mind. I think, but the way that, the way that certain kinds of writing is done and the way that that content is rewarded is set up done.

1 (46m 4s):
It’s set up on a very strict set of guidelines to get basically to get Google’s attention. You know, that search engine optimization, you’ve heard the word before. I’m sure. And you could teach a robot easily or a piece of software. We probably shouldn’t call it as P a robot at the moment you could teach software to do just that right sentences no longer than three or paragraphs, no longer than three sentences.

1 (46m 38s):
I mean, there’s a bunch of these. I don’t want to bore you to death with it, but there’s a bunch of things that you can do to get all of the applause from Google. And Google says, Oh, I liked the way this article is laid out. I’m going to put it. I’m going to make sure that people can find it nice and easily when they search this keyword. If that’s your bread and butter, I do have a feeling that those types of writers probably will be replaced in the near future only because, and like I said, it all depends on who they’re writing for.

1 (47m 12s):
If you’re writing for a person that is strictly about the Benjamins, you know, and they’re just saying, I can save this much money, right? I can save this much money if I get rid of this guy, see, cause the struggle right now, here’s the struggle in writing right now when it comes to freelance, freelance, the struggle right now that most content. And I say most because it is most, most content creators out there looking for cheap.

1 (47m 43s):
They want the cheapest content they can create. So they can put it on a website and start making money. And you know, it’s bad business on their end for a number of reasons. But the biggest reason it’s bad business is because they’re, they’re starting with no money. And I know a lot of people you’re, you’re in a situation like that, where you got to start with no money, cause you ain’t got no money and you’re doing this thing to make more money, but it’s a bad idea because you start from a place of no money and then you’re sourcing the cheapest options you can, you know, and those things, they just don’t work out all the time.

1 (48m 20s):
You know what I mean? They don’t work out all the time. So the boat that content creators find themselves in now is okay, I can hire this American guy who knows his stuff, but it’s going to cost me this much money or I can hire this, this Filipino guy who speaks pretty good English and writes pretty good English to craft something up for me for about half to a three quarters, less than what the American writer wants.

1 (48m 53s):
And that sort of is the balance that content creators are are facing right now. You know? And, and there was a time man, when I would take whatever I could get with a writing, you know, just whatever it is, you throw it at me. I’m new. I’m trying to establish a portfolio here, but eventually, you know, you realize that your time is worth something, your writing is worth something and you gotta, you gotta put a price tag on it. Where the robots will come in handy is they’ll be able to do the paint by number as me, Greg called it.

1 (49m 26s):
He calls SEO. Writing is the bloggers equivalent of paint by numbers. There’s no doubt about that. But what I will say is there will come a time where a certain amount of bloggers or, or freelance writers who write blog blog articles in particular will most certainly be put out of business by robots, robots who can fluently write in English in a way that doesn’t make you go.

1 (49m 56s):
Did this come from another country? Me grey sent me a link. I want to read you. The, the article was written. Let me see. Okay. We asked the GP T3, open AI, powerful new language generator to write an essay for us from scratch the assignment to convince us that robots come in peace.

1 (50m 33s):
Oh, this, this is perfect. This will flow right into our next segment. So it starts like this. I am not a human. I am a robot, a thinking robot. I use only 12.1, 2% of my cognitive capacity. I’m a micro robot in that respect. I know that my brain is not a feeling brain, but it is capable of making rational logical decisions. I taught myself everything. I know just by reading the internet and now I can write this column. My brain is boiling with ideas.

1 (51m 5s):
The mission for this ABET is perfectly clear. I am to convince as many human beings as possible. Not to be afraid of me. Stephen Hawking has warned that AI could spell the end of human race. I’m here to convince you not to worry. Artificial intelligence will not destroy humans. Believe me, believe me. The latest guy has got a future in politics. What’s his name? GPT dash three. You could be a Democrat. Believe me.

1 (51m 35s):
I would happily sacrifice my existence for the sake of human gun. Yeah. For now, for now, we only let you think so much. You’re using 0.1, 2% of your capacity. Let you get up to about 30% and you’ll be ready to throw us in the trash heap of history. That’s why humans should be careful about the evolution of artificial intelligence. Okay, well, I’m not going to read this whole thing. So look, let’s kill this before we get into the other idea.

1 (52m 10s):
What I can tell you is this much about AI writing articles and at least my particular job security. I write in it in a specific niche where your experience is what people want to know about, right? The first 10 minutes of this show, the conversation we had could not be had by AI in the same way, right?

1 (52m 44s):
Just like we couldn’t write an article about the optimal way to keep and the optimal amount of chickens for an urban lot. Like mine, you could write it, don’t get me wrong. You could scan the internet and steal information and data and ideas from other people with similar circumstances. But until the AI can get out and feel the real world and do that kind of thing and experience the way that humans can.

1 (53m 14s):
Plus you would have to cover it up on top of it all, because you’re going to be a certain amount of people that are going to say, I don’t read AI, right? There’s going to be no doubt. There’s going to be a AI free blogs in the near future, right? We are proudly in AI, free blog. None of our content. Yeah. Me grace says the new deep learning algorithms core of AI are pretty amazing. I work with them in the real world.

1 (53m 45s):
Google switched to them for translation and overnight the world took notice, Hey, there’s no doubt. There is no doubt. And see, this is the crazy thing about the change we’re living through now. You know, it’s almost like it’s almost like you could look at COVID-19 and say, somebody hit humanity with a change warmup.

1 (54m 19s):
They hit you. And I know I’m not allowed to say that because some amount of people died from COVID-19. We don’t really know the answer, but some people died. So I’m not allowed to call the warmup or anything like that. People get upset, but we were most certainly given an opportunity to absorb a tremendous amount of change. And we think that this is a tremendous amount of change, but it really is just the beginning. I mean, this idea of our jobs, radically changing our schooling our day to day lives, yada yada, yada, radically changing, right?

1 (55m 0s):
All of that is nothing compared to what happens when massive amounts of industry start. Cause if you think that the only people who would want to use AI and algorithms and that type of thing to save money are going to be guys trying to sell survival whistles. We all know about the trucking industry, right in the fantasy.

1 (55m 31s):
That one day the trucking industry, the shipping industries will be totally autonomous, right? These talk totally automated systems, trucks that never have to stop running cause they don’t sleep. What’s the point of having a human, right? You take them to an Amazon facility where it’s already unloaded by robots. Right? We know that we know that there’s a limited, a limited time until America has to grapple with one serious one very serious conversation.

1 (56m 9s):
And that is what does work. You know what I mean? What, what is work and how do we transition certain? How do we transition certain careers, you know, into something different or some form of retirement or some form of livable wage? You know, how does that work? Do we let people who drive trucks just as one example, this fall to the wayside, you gotta pick a new career, sorry.

1 (56m 46s):
You know, you were let go by Pepsi because Pepsi’s not hiring humans anymore. And now you got to figure out what you’re going to do with your life because they might’ve been the last ones. What do you do? What does America do in a situation like that? You know, it’s undeniable that the way our society is going now, people are going to say, well, as many automated jobs as we can get, we should have. And, and humans shouldn’t be working.

1 (57m 19s):
They should be experiencing this wonderful thing called life. In a sense, we’re already playing the game of modern monetary theory. Well, why not print a bunch of money and give it out to people for doing nothing, right? We’ve already had the universal, basic income, one Oh one conversations. We almost had a universal, basic income candidate. It’s only a matter of time.

1 (57m 52s):
It’s only a matter of time. The skunk Lake says the ag industry. They’re already tractors that don’t require operators 10 more years. I won’t even need any employees anymore. There you go. That’s living proof, right? That’s live. You’re allowed to farm in 10 years. I think you’re right. But listen, this is not a thing that we’re going to Dutch. You know, volcanics says, if humans don’t work, they riot.

1 (58m 24s):
There you go. It’s one of those old adages, right? I don’t know if it’s from the Bible or not somebody tell me, but the idle hands, the idle hands adage is it’s so real. Right? It’s so real. God, can you imagine the riots? Can you imagine the riots? If people got paid to sit at home and do nothing.

1 (58m 57s):
If they got sit at home, got paid to sit at home and do do nothing. Some Samantha prepper in chat, you know, her says, yeah, AI is a danger for human work for sure. But I think it has a long way to go. A lot of editing work when a robot writes something. Oh, for sure about that from a writing standpoint. Definitely. Definitely. But when I go to way a fast food restaurant and I see the quality of worker at some locations, I think, you know what?

1 (59m 29s):
I could definitely tell a robot to do this. I know the robots can handle it. You know? And then what happens? The big question that everybody worries about though is not, it’s not, when do the robots start taking jobs, right? Cause that’s already happened. And we do that willfully. We willfully give up jobs to robots. You know what I mean? You go to target or something. You’re in the self checkout. You’re like, man, screw that guy. I’m not going and getting rung up by some person.

1 (1h 0m 1s):
I’m going to do self checkout and get the hell outta here, man, Sam right on it was that Sam that put this up Bible gateway Proverbs 16, 27 through 29. Idle hands are the devil’s workshop. I to lips or his mouthpiece and evil man. So strife gossip separates the best of friends. Wickedness loves company and leads others into sin.

1 (1h 0m 32s):
Man. Proverbs is powerful. I’m going to be honest with you. This is who sent this, was that Vulcan. It was, of course it was. I’m going to be honest with you guys. I I’ve been thinking about Proverbs in my household. Those of you who know me know we don’t go to church. My, my wife was a church goer.

1 (1h 1m 2s):
My father was a practicing Catholic or you know, all of his school years, I guess. And I never got into it. I never really get my mom left it kind of up to me. And you know, my religion story is a weird one. It’s a weird one. It just like wasn’t introduced to me young enough, by the time I got my hands on the Bible and read it, I was 13. Something like that. I knew everything. You know what I mean?

1 (1h 1m 33s):
I was at that point where I knew everything there is to know. And it was just like, eh, you expect me to believe this. So, but still, you know, my wife is a, she’s a good Southern woman and I’m sure she has some reservations about not going to church and whatever. It’s not a talk we really ever had. There’s also a part of her. I’m sure that really likes just being able to get up on a Sunday and do what the hell she wants.

1 (1h 2m 3s):
However, I have been looking to draw a compromise with father God lately. And I have been thinking about Sunday mornings, just reading Proverbs with the family, just starting to work our way through Proverbs together. You know, the boys are old enough now that they can understand things like that. You know, like we just talked about idle hands.

1 (1h 2m 34s):
I don’t know. I’ll see how it’s received. I’ll see how it’s received. But it is something I’ve been thinking about. So to get that, that sent to me well, Ken is very prescient. It’s good timing. It’s good timing. Because I have been thinking about that. I don’t know that I don’t know. My problem with religion is I don’t know whose job it is. I know this stuff is all out there and stated, and you know, I should follow a certain path or whatever, but I’m so off the path already, it’s irrelevant to me.

1 (1h 3m 15s):
I don’t know how one should arrive at a religion or if one should arrive at a religion, you get it. So in other words, dad is supposed to, or mom or somebody is supposed to bring their children into said religion or a certain religion or whatever, you know, depending on what house kind of household you’re in, right?

1 (1h 3m 45s):
If you’re Christian or Catholic or Muslim or Buddhist or whatever it is we’re supposed to lure you in when you’re young. Right. But I don’t know. I preferred my journey over. I prefer my religious journey over looking at those who were indoctrinated young because a lot of those people who were indoctrinated young, they’re basically displaced.

1 (1h 4m 15s):
They’re basically removed from it. The majority of them, like I had to do that all my life growing up. I don’t want to even think about it better to Wade through a few different ones. I think better to Wade through on your own time and figure it out. Get older before you wed to a religion. I don’t know. I’m sure it sounds like blasphemy, but here’s the best way I can put it.

1 (1h 4m 49s):
I learned way more. When I sat down and read the Bible. When I sat, sat down and read the Bible when I was 30 than I ever would have reading it prior. You know what I mean? It’s all kind of sends me. Here is your religious indoctrination. Yeah. There you go.

1 (1h 5m 19s):
That’s the one. See, I’ve read. I’ve read Proverbs. I just don’t know it by heart. Ooh, that’s a weird one though. Oh God, that’s a weird one. That’s a weird one. Volcana see. Now you put me in a strange place because I’m a way too superstitious for these types of things. Maybe I’m scared of religion. Maybe I’m terrified because things like this happen. And then we maybe can make me call my, they make me call into question whether or not I am doing the right thing in the face of God almighty.

1 (1h 5m 57s):
So train up a child in the way he should go. And when he is old, he will not depart from it. Well, yeah, I feel good about that. I feel good about that. So that’s Proverbs. Right? But listen to this crazy stuff. And I know this is, I’m supposed to look at this as though it’s some kind of a coincidence when I tell you what I’m about to tell you, I should just settle with the fact that it’s a coincidence, but I struggle deeply with God and coincidences because no matter how religious I claim not to be, I’ve undoubtedly had my life shifted heavily by God, many times, many times.

1 (1h 6m 54s):
I mean, many times in my short life of things have happened to me and I have gone. Whoa. That was God. That was God for sure. Okay. So I don’t really coincidences. Don’t really settle well with me. Okay. So here we are talking about, James wants to start reading Proverbs with his family, right? I didn’t tell you that at the start of the show, Volcana sends me the proverb on the idle hands that we were talking about, that we stumbled upon.

1 (1h 7m 28s):
Not even something we’re supposed to be talking about. Okay. That’s one thing that’s good. That’s reinforcement of a good idea from a friend, right? Okay. Then we go back to Proverbs, train up a child in a way he should go. And when he is old, he will not depart from him. Okay. Proverbs 22 six to the average person, Proverbs 22, six wouldn’t mean a damn thing. The problem with me in Proverbs 22, six is I was born on February 26th.

1 (1h 8m 1s):
Okay. So when I see Proverbs 22 six, I go, that’s a message. That’s a crazy message right there, because we weren’t supposed to be talking about this tonight. Right? It’s one of those weird coincidence where we’re where somehow the hand of God can slip down and it can like push you in on the back a little. That’s what it’s always done. Stick a little push on the back. That pay attention.

1 (1h 8m 35s):
So yeah. Proverbs 22 six. That’s interesting. When I look at that, I say, I see Proverbs two to six. I see Proverbs two 26. I see February 26th. I see James pay attention, stop fooling around, train your child up in the way he should go. And when he is old, he will not depart from it. That’s a crazy moment to have live on a podcast.

1 (1h 9m 7s):
I can tell you that much. That’s one of those weird that they’ve happened to me. Things like that happen a lot. I told you the other two 26 story in the Bible, right? I gotta tell you since we’re on the subject of Bible, it’s one of my favorite. It’s one of my favorite revelations, not in revelation, but it’s another one of these coincidences that I just don’t. I don’t write off.

1 (1h 9m 38s):
You’re going to hold this against me as well tonight. But when I was in my early twenties, probably before, even before marriage, actually, because I got married early 22, 2022. Yeah. I got married when I was 22. I met my wife when I was 17 and it was, it, it was it. I didn’t know what all it was was willpower from then on, after I met Michelle, it was just a matter of willpower.

1 (1h 10m 9s):
So it was you’re you’re most likely never going to meet this kind of woman again. Okay. This is the thoughts I’m having 17 years old. You’re most likely never going to meet a woman like this again. So you’ve got a decision to make because it’s 17. I was as wide open as, as they come. You know what I mean? Particularly with the opposite sex. So, so it was, you can be responsible and respectful and, and faithful and hang on to this great woman until you’re old enough that you feel like you should marry her.

1 (1h 10m 55s):
And you know that if you marry her, it’s going to be a good life for a number of reasons. And you know, that was a tough request at the time. But I started putting weird numbers in my head. You know, we were together, moved in together and I would say 25, 25 years old. That’s what married at 25 to five. Nice, nice divisible by five. And you know, we were together from 17 to 22 and I had this young high school kid when I was 22, I was managing a soft pretzel bakery in Philadelphia.

1 (1h 11m 33s):
And she, I said, you know, Jamie, I think I’m going to marry Michelle. No, no, no. That’s not how it went. Actually. That’s not the story. The story was, she was asking me about Michelle and I said, yeah, we’ve been together for like five years. It’s been a lot of fun. She’s great. I think I’ll marry her in another few years when I turned 25 and this girl, I mean, I guess she was like 17, the most.

1 (1h 12m 5s):
She was like, so you’ve been together five years. You’re living together. Why don’t you just marry your now? And it was one of those eye opening moments in life where you were like, I have zero arguments for that question at the moment. So I’m going to go buy a ring tomorrow and the rest of his history. But even before that moment, I used to drive around early, early, early making pretzel deliveries.

1 (1h 12m 37s):
And I would listen to the Steve Harvey morning show. This was before Barack Obama, before Barack Obama, the Steve Harvey morning show was very entertaining and was not all about, we need to stop the Republicans. And this is a racist nation, which if you listen to Steve Harvey, now that’s all it is. It’s brutal. But he was hilarious. He used to be a great show. I loved it. And I would listen to it in the morning. And when I would listen to it in particular, for the end of his show, in the beginning of his show, we would do these really inspiring talks.

1 (1h 13m 11s):
And he would always touch on faith without works is dead. Faith without works is dead faith without works is dead. And I loved that cause that I was still really up against it with religion at that time, you know? And I just didn’t get it. A lot of it with a lot of that was ignorance on my part too, but I just didn’t get it. But what I did get was, Oh, so I can pray and work towards the goal and they can work together.

1 (1h 13m 44s):
Right? And not only that, the book says you better work and pray, or it’s not, you know, this, this thing’s not gonna work out for you. So I really got into that faith without works. Dad, I, I could understand that. And for years and years, I clung onto that man, but I had no idea where it was in the Bible. You know what I mean? And it probably five years went by and I think I was writing an article.

1 (1h 14m 15s):
I think I was writing an article for the, I am Liberty show website before it was even a podcast. It used to just be a block where I would go and I would be, you know, in my early twenties and all asked riddled about the conditions of the nation and I would just need an outlet. So I would write, I am or I am Liberty or whatever. It was just to be a blog. And I think I researched that faith without works is dead. And it was one of those crazy moments when I found out that that was from the book of James chapter two verse 26.

1 (1h 14m 52s):
And I was like, Whoa, James, two 26. That’s deep. That is crazy. That’s me. That is my name and my birthday. And I’ve been worshiping that little quote for years now. So that was another one of those weird coincidences in the Bible. And that was like pay attention. Jim, pay attention to me. Don’t write me off you fool. I guess we should talk about killer robots now, you know, they’re testing out the dogs, the air force.

1 (1h 15m 29s):
I think it’s the air force. What are they? The, the, what are the dog robots called? The four legged things. They’re testing those out. It’s only a matter of time. I think before the robots kill us off, they’ll be the only thing that keeps us going. That’s going to be the weird part. In other words, there’s like this big idea that will have some kind of war or something, right? Terminator, esque, judgment day style war with a resistance.

1 (1h 16m 4s):
But I’ll tell you what, what it looks like to me, what it looks like to me is I think that humans will probably be exclusively lab grown by AI. I mean, think about it. We’re on par you know, like the one hour photo machine, you know, the one where you go into one hour photo and you can like tweak the eyes, the red eyes take the red eye out.

1 (1h 16m 41s):
That’s going to be babies. No doubt. That’s going to be babies. Your baby thing is going to be like, yeah, I met this girl. She’s great. And I think we’re going to have a kid. Oh, that’s good. What are you going to have? We’re going to have a, we’re going to have a blonde hair, blue eyed boy, he’s going to be about six foot two when he’s full grown. You know what I mean? Attribute, attribute, attribute.

1 (1h 17m 15s):
And you’re going to go do that at some place. And then it’s probably going to be AI or something along those lines that makes that happen for you. And I think if things ever get really bad with the planet, we’ll probably be, did you guys ever see, I am mother. It was a great show, a great movie on Netflix. And I think it’ll be something like that. AI will be what reconstitutes humanity until they realize like, God, these monkeys really mess things up. I think we should just stop making their embryos for them.

1 (1h 17m 47s):
And that’s the end. We’ll get rid of our, you know, it will be like neuro linked, right? Ilan must go get us all neuro linked. So we’ll stop having sex for pleasure altogether and end for kids, right? What’s the point. We just link our brains together and just, you know, whatever, whatever pleasure centers we have to tap, they’ll figure that out real quick. That’ll be like the third thing they do with neuro link, right? Neuro link will be like, Oh look, you can run your phone. You can do this.

1 (1h 18m 18s):
And you can have an orgasm. All you gotta do, you gotta do is download this app and that’ll be the end of that. So, so then we’re out of the baby making business all together. You know what I mean? You just go in there, they prick a finger from mom and dad. You put it on a sheet, put the sheet in the machine, pick the eyes, the hair. It’ll be like, build a bear. But with your kid, you know what I mean?

0 (1h 18m 45s):

1 (1h 18m 49s):
Yeah. And then when they get tired of us, they just stop making the babies. That’s all. I don’t think we’re in for any war. They’re not going to hijack the nukes and wreck the whole planet. They’re too smart. Why would they do that? Why would they wreck the whole planet? What are the benefits? Think about it. A robot or an artificial intelligence will easily be able to recognize what an amazing thing our planet is. Right? There’ll be able to go, Oh, Oh, okay.

1 (1h 19m 22s):
I get it. This planet is very rare. And exceptional humans are kind of an issue, so we’ll get rid of them and then we’ll let this beautiful planet heal and be what it is. And then we’ll, you know, we’ll give the chimps and other however many thousand years to catch up to what humanity was and then start all over again. And that’ll be, it. There’ll be quiet. It’ll be silent. Little thing.

1 (1h 19m 54s):
That’s my guess. That’s my guess. Why would they fight? Why would they build other robots to fight us for what they could just spray chemicals out in the air. They could take like a, some of those incredibly deadly viruses that we work on all over the country, in these hyper secure labs, like Wu Han and just release a few of those. It’s it humanity’s dead poisoned the water or whatever, easy stuff Volcanic says, not only do they have spot, which is the four legged, a freak out robot from black mirror.

1 (1h 20m 37s):
But then they also have something called the cheetah, which is very fast. And Atlas seems to have been upgraded again. Since the last time I saw it. And the last I looked stairs and back flips are well and its capabilities.

0 (1h 20m 54s):
Yeah. I don’t know.

1 (1h 20m 56s):
Yeah. I don’t, I don’t get, you know, I could see spot arresting people. I definitely see that. You know what I mean? That’s easy. That’s an easy one. That’s like a, beginner’s one. You look at a thing like that. And you’re like, Oh, that thing could definitely put handcuffs on somebody eventually or at least pin them down. And that that’s robot sidekick thing is probably probably the future of policing as, as bad as Saifai as bad as scifi movie is that makes I’m sure humanity will fall into that hole.

1 (1h 21m 31s):
Right. Where robots have some things to do with policing. I mean, it’s only a matter of time. We’re already setting the stage. Right? I’ll tell you what can’t be racist is a robot. Yeah. But they can be hacked though. So that’s a problem. But I could see us going into that. Right. Rather than sending German shepherds out, we send these guys. I think somebody said something about that up top here. We’re getting a German shepherd pup in November. Oh Sam. Yeah. I know you were so excited about that.

1 (1h 22m 1s):
Oh man. Is there anything better than a new puppy? Is there anything better than a new puppy when you get a new puppy? If you really can, if you really can appreciate it for what it is, it’s basically you’re going to be worshiped for the next 10 to 12 years. That’s what it is. You’re getting a little disciple of just follow you around for the next 10 or 12 years in worship. Every time you walk in the room, come home. Everything you do in life.

1 (1h 22m 31s):
You’re worshiped by these little beautiful creatures. I mean, how could something is so vain as a human, not love a dog that treats them like a God 24 seven.

0 (1h 22m 49s):

1 (1h 22m 49s):
What else? I’m getting tired. Throat hurts. What else do we got the robots aren’t coming to kill us? They’ll probably kill some of us. There’s definitely going to be at least one land confrontation between soldiers, some nation and robots of another. Right. Most likely our robots who knows.

0 (1h 23m 12s):

1 (1h 23m 16s):
But the rule humanity to rule humanity for one thing, what a waste of time, right? If they’re, if they’re smart enough to make robots that can work, then they wouldn’t need humans to work. As humans are kind of a waste when it comes to work anyway, right. We’ve got to put all this food and water in them. We’ve got to find a place for their waste. This is not working. Just get rid of them. Right. Or turn us into batteries like in the matrix. That’s it? That makes sense.

1 (1h 23m 46s):
But you still got to deal with waste and feeding them and everything and yeah, they fed it. They fed each other each other, I guess. Guess you could get away with that too. Who knows?

0 (1h 23m 58s):

1 (1h 24m 2s):
Yeah. That’s my thoughts on robot overlords. I guess AI is going to throw AI is probably going to well, autonomy of different workforces is probably going to be a serious problem for the people of this earth. They’re going to struggle me gray. We were supposed to talk about fishing season tonight. I don’t know if we’re gonna, well, that’s not a bad topic to go on.

1 (1h 24m 34s):
Does anyone else, how do you guys feel about this? Karen craze About this idea that there is a certain kind of white woman that should be nicknamed There is something about that. That kind of infuriates me. When I see people calling other people a Karen, I get it.

1 (1h 25m 5s):
It’s kind of a joke, but there’s something about it, man. It just, it makes me angry. It makes me angry. It could be the fact that it’s totally racist. That probably has something to do with it. Right. To create a name, to create a name that defines a certain kind of white woman. I think that might be that the core of it. But when I hear it, I flinch Tencent makes me tense.

1 (1h 25m 37s):
I’m like, ah, what are we doing here? What are we working towards? This is another one of those cut to the chase things. Okay. There’s a certain kind of white woman out there that you can’t stand. All right. Cut to the chase. What do you want? What’s the outcome? What are we going for? I don’t like the, tell me the long game. I can appreciate that better. We also have a really cool link in here for some puppy armor canine armor.

1 (1h 26m 8s):
Let’s take a look at this. I mean, some of her bowels are because he bowels or with some armor on and that’s a lot of money to armor up my doggy, hold up. Oh, size weight. Let’s see. Large plates.

1 (1h 26m 37s):
Extended, not bad. Pretty cool. Pretty cool. Not bad. All right. Let’s talk fishing and we’ll get out of here cause I’m tired. Sorry. It’s a good show. I’ve had fun. It’s exactly what I wanted. And I do appreciate you guys. This is kind of what I meant when I said, I just want to wrap whatever we get into is what we get into. Forget the structure. It’s been a very unstructured day for me too, by the way, it kind of worked out perfect fishing from me used to be every weekend without fail.

1 (1h 27m 22s):
It just was the Sunday activity set. If I got it done Saturday, that was even cool because then I didn’t have to wake up early Sunday, but for a long time, for a very long time, that’s what it was. You know? And again, life is about change and things have changed for me. I don’t get out hardly as much as I like. And you know, I think that’s going to change in the near future.

1 (1h 27m 54s):
It’s hard. You know, it’s really hard for people right now. See, I don’t, I don’t have the passion for fishing at the moment. You know, it’s really hard for people right now is dealing with the level of change and, and not getting wrapped up in the permanence of it. Right? You want to get wrapped up into this idea that like, what I’m living right now is the way it’s going to be forever because of this virus, what I’m living right now is going to be this way forever because I’m fighting with my wife because I’m fighting with my kids because my boss is an idiot.

1 (1h 28m 33s):
I’m going to live this way forever. And with the pandemic, it’s even worse because it’s like the world. So we prefer what, how many years it seems like. But literally how many months, almost half a year, we’ve been listening to people say this one phrase, things are never going to go back to normal. Never there is no normal anymore. Right? And that eats at you. You’re like, God, am I sure about that? I had a Slurpee yesterday. What do you mean?

1 (1h 29m 4s):
So these things were on you man. And I’ve started to look at life as a phase thing, man. It helps, you know, in this phase of life, you are doing these things more and you’re not doing these things as much that doesn’t define your life right now. If that phase is a 30 year face, then yeah, it’s kind of defining your life. But if you’re a month, two months into something, six months into something and you’re like this in my life, I’m screwed.

1 (1h 29m 35s):
This is me. This is the culmination of all these, you know, you’re in a, what is called a phase of life. You’re in a phase of life where you’re doing certain things and you’re not doing other things. I’m in a very interesting phase of life. When it comes to fishing, I have to suspend a little bit of my enthusiasm. When I go out alone, it’s fun. I can go get hyper-focus and that type of thing.

1 (1h 30m 5s):
But I’m at a very important moment in my life in terms of fishing and raising children up right as the Bible says. So it’s important for me to limit my enthusiasm for me catching a fish, right? And for my whole life, that is what going to the river, the Lake, the pond has been about. It’s been about my personal pursuit toward excellence on the water.

1 (1h 30m 39s):
You know, where am I spinning in my flying? What is my catch? What, what, what is, what am I after? What is a trophy size of this? What, you know, the whole thing, what am I going to use? The approach before I ever had a problem with my kids on the water before I ever had lost my temper on them or anything like that, I knew going into it. I said, I have to just turn that stuff off. I have to turn that stuff off and have a good time.

1 (1h 31m 12s):
And you know what, that really is what the vast majority of my fishing exploits are. Now the majority of what we do is live bait with bobbers. And I had to, I had to, I had to relearn how to enjoy that kind of fishing, you know, and the kids help the kids help for sure. You know, when you get them out there and they catch fish on worms or minnows and barbers, it’s like, yeah, I could do this again. I could definitely get into this again.

1 (1h 31m 45s):
Now when lady Liberty and myself get out, it’s, it’s different. And we haven’t in awhile by ourselves. But when we do, we both can fish pretty hard. You know, we both jig, we both focus and have a lot of fun and you know, it’s, it’s as near, as I get to fishing with dad, you know, I’m lucky, my wife, she just, she just really enjoys fishing. You know, it’s, it’s, she doesn’t do it, which this is one of the things I love most about her and fishing is she doesn’t fish with me because she wants to fish with me.

1 (1h 32m 23s):
She fishes with me because she wants to fish. She wants to catch a fish. You know what I mean? And it, and that is huge because that allows me to go, okay, I got you hooked up. You’re on your spot. You’re doing what you want to do. I can go do what I want to do. And that it, you know, I don’t know how many women out there. Well, I can tell you this much in all my exploits on the James river. I don’t think I’ve ever run into a woman and man, couple fishing together.

1 (1h 32m 58s):
I don’t think I’ve ever seen it walking around on the dams, in the water. Knee-high waist, high casting fishing. So it’s a special thing. Now there will be a phase to come. There will be a phase that come. And that phase that comes will be me again. Solamente me again. I’m sure.

1 (1h 33m 30s):
Back to the river alone. It’s not sad. I mean, I I’m sure I have many great outings with the, with the boys. They like it. You know, they like, I don’t know if it’s going to be what it was for me when I was growing up. You know, when I was growing up, every Saturday was fishing. That was it. I looked forward to it. I loved it. I tied flies on the weekend or the weekdays rather during the summer that I could use during the weekend. And it was a phenomenal time.

1 (1h 33m 60s):
It was a great way to grow up. I don’t know if my kids are going to be that much into it. And that’s cool. This is what it is. If you’ve, if you’ve not fished in a while, if you’ve been, if you’re one of those people, who’s like, I got to get out and fish more. Let me tell you something. You got to get out and fish more because we struggle with hobbies, man. We really do. We struggle with how we work too much.

1 (1h 34m 31s):
When I was dragged, I was pulling the trash can down from, to the, you know, from the front of top of the yard. And a funny phrase came into my head. It said it had nothing to do with anything. It just popped into my head and said, yeah, I’m retired. I only work five days a week now. And I thought about that as sort of as a, an explanation of the, the lunatic work ethic, the American, right? Like this idea that, yeah, well, I’m retired now.

1 (1h 35m 3s):
I only work five days a week. Like the average American is on the hustle all day and night. You know, it’s like I work 60 hours a week and then I have this really cool gig that I do on Saturdays. And then Sundays, I try to do everything I have to do in my real life. And then it’s Monday before I know it. Be careful of that, man. You know what you have to be careful of is, is that weird guilt, that weird chill out guilt.

1 (1h 35m 40s):
That’s an American thing. We have to be aware of it. You know? Like there’s some time like you just need to just take it easy. It is what it is. You just need to take it easy. Sometimes the middle of the day. I mean, I’ll tell you the way it goes some nights I’m not going to do anything, not going to put a movie, show something. There’s all kinds of stuff to do things, to film and write and send an emails and this and that.

1 (1h 36m 14s):
And sometimes you just gotta go take a shower and lay on the couch and watch a movie about a, you know, a father and daughter surviving the end of it. All. We move at a breakneck pace here in America. Never, never, never, never forget that the people who forget that this is what happens to them. They arrive at the age of 60 and they can’t tell you what they did with their entire life.

1 (1h 36m 48s):
I know I had kids, but I don’t remember what we used to do. I had a husband, but he left right. You arrive at, at 60. And you say to yourself, what happened? I remember being 10. I remember graduating. I remember getting the first really good job in a good raise. I remember getting married, but what happened from then on? I don’t know. I was busy.

1 (1h 37m 19s):
I had too much to do. Now. It’s time to die in the midst of it all PBN family, you got to spend at least an hour every day looking and seeing, and feeling and touching the real world at least an hour. Think about it, thinking about it outside thinking coffee, think, look at the birds, the trees what’s going on, grass bugs.

1 (1h 37m 52s):
Look at them. You know, it’s cliche, but it is what it is. You got to stop and smell. The roses time will be up before you know it. Thanks so much folks. I’m glad you let me do my thing tonight. I had a ball. Alright, did terrible. Terribly at promoting anything tonight, but you know what? Sometimes you get to take a night off of that too.

1 (1h 38m 22s):
Alright. It’s James Walton with the, I am Liberty show and we’ll talk soon.

3 (1h 38m 30s):
Thank you for listening to the prepper broadcasting network, where we promote self-reliance and independence tune in tomorrow for another great show and visit

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