December 4, 2021


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Is a Family Cow “Worth It”?

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Is a Family Cow “Worth It”?
Host: Austin Martin “Homesteady Live“ Audio in player below!

Is a Family Cow “Worth It”?Owning a family cow is a huge responsibility. A recent guest on the Homesteady show (here) compared it to marriage. A cow requires daily care and attention. A family that wants to own a cow will need to be able to feed and water the cow every day, year round. Then, if the cow is in milk, every day (sometimes 2x per day) the cow needs milked. That milk then needs attended to, stored, and equipment washed. The chores associated with the family cow never stop.

There is much work associated with the family cow. However, for those willing to work hard, there is a great reward. The farm fresh raw milk is just the beginning. Then there is the raw milk cheeses and yogurt. Farm fresh cream and butter. Homemade soaps. You can feed other animals on the farm your extra milk (milk fed pigs are a special delight…). Milk cows can also yield good money for their calves, weather it be a milk cow calf or a beef calf. Better yet… Keep the beef calf for your own family and enjoy your own grass-fed beef!

Do the rewards outweigh the work? That is the question we are going to answer in this weeks episode of Homesteady Live. A few weeks ago we addressed this topic on our podcast, but we did not consider all the wealth the cow brings to the family, and so we are going to take a more in depth look into the subject, with our guest Emily Long, who wrote in a few weeks ago and informed us of all the benefits a family cow brings that we overlooked in our original cow podcast episode (
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