August 14, 2022


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Winter Care For The Bees!

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Winter Care For The Bees. A Tale of 2 Beekeepers 
Host: KarenLynn “Lil’ Suburban Homestead

BeesKaren Lynn of Lil’ Suburban Homestead joins you this week interviewing her two favorite beekeepers Troy Marino aka Farmer Tito and Bee Bayou and her husband The “Viking” in her life and page owner of Help The Beez Pleez to talk about Winter Care for Bees!  She has interviewed both of these beekeeper before for prior shows and now for a special treat for all of you they both agreed to come on the show together!

BeesTroy runs a commercial apiary in the Bayou called Bee Bayou Farm and Apiary and Eric aka The Viking is a backyard beekeeper and him and Karen Lynn sell their honey on a small scale locally.  They both bring different perspectives to the topic of Winter Care For Bees!  Both of these beekeepers bring a wealth of knowledge to the show and while they may have different strategies or approaches to beekeeping and methods you may find that one resonates with you more than the other.  That’s the exciting thing about beekeeping it is a journey for you and your bees and their are different ways to accomplish your beekeeping goals.  Make sure to join them and you can chat in the chat room or call in to ask your beekeeping questions!

Whether you are new to beekeeping or are hoping to in the near future you won’t want to miss this show!
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Listen to this broadcast of Winter Care For The Bees below!

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Troy Marino/Farmer Tito’s Social Media Links

Bee Bayou Farm & Apiary

Troy & The Facebook Group Bees & Beeks come on over and join him!

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Facebook address is

The Viking can often be seen at Karen Lynn’s live streaming show on Around The every other Monday at 8pm Est.



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