December 8, 2021


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To Bee or Not to Bee, death for life!

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To Bee or Not to Bee, death for life!
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To Bee or Not to Bee, death for lifeAhhh ….. the amazing honey bee, the giver of an elixir, sweet and golden used by mankind for eons. Have you really ever wondered much about the honey bee? Sure we have heard stories in the recent years about the honey bee and it’s battle with death or extinction but do you know that these bees live with a death sentence? True story, now I am not talking about bees or wasps in general as they all have their own rituals. But the honey bee is quite unique in many many ways and it is truly fascinating.

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You see while it’s somewhat well know that if a honey bee stings you it is it’s last act in this world as once they sting they die. They give their life to protect their own, basically their queen who is the center of their world and without a queen their world as well as ours ceases to exist. Buzz on over to A Peppers Path Tuesday at noon Pacific Standard time on May 15th as I explore the mating rituals as well as the differing kinds of honey bees. You will definitely be fascinated with the rituals and just what really happens inside the hive. See you Tuesday, get the buzz out and bring your friends too!

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