October 3, 2022


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The Best Beekeeping Show Ever!

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Beekeeping bbsetroyThe Best Beekeeping Show Ever!
Host: Karen Lynn “Lil’ Suburban Homestead

This week on the Lil’ Suburban Homestead show 3 Beekeepers!
Troy Marino a commercial beekeeper from the Bayou, Brent Wesley a commercial beekeeper from Akron, Ohio and the Viking in Karen Lynn’s life Eric Thompson, a backyard beekeeper in coastal North Carolina.

3 Beekeepers – 3 Perspectives – There is something for everyone!

I asked each of these beekeepers what was their hot topic for 2015 which they will be sharing a little bit about on the show!

Beekeeping bbsewesleyHot Topics for These Beekeepers in 2015

Troy Marino in the Bayou his focus this next year is on “queen rearing”. Brent Wesley’s hot topic is sustainability and responsibly growing a honey enterprise in a northern city. The Viking’s hot topic is “building up the apiary” after suf
fering losses in 2014.

Beekeeping bbsevikingIn this show you will find a topic that will meet you where you are at.  Be prepared to find something relevant as most beekeepers suffer some losses and learn the Viking’s plan for building up his backyard apiary. For the beekeeper ready to take beekeeping to the next level you will want to take a listen to Troy’s plan for “Queen Rearing” and his knowledge.  For those that want to be inspired Brent is educating students in an urban area in Ohio and actually teaching what he is practicing! What an inspiration!

Come with your questions to the chat room and call in and ask your questions! Be prepared to be inspired and grab your pen and paper to take notes! You are going to “Bee Inspired!” 😉

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