December 5, 2022


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A Case for Horses in The Apocalypse – The Next Generation Show

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Horses have been around for centuries, and without a doubt changed every culture they were introduced to. But in the last few decades, horsemanship has dwindled to a tiny fraction of what it once was.

This week we are joined with prepping team Dale and Lisa of the Survivalist Prepper Podcast and Budget Equestrian to explore the idea of having horses on hand and what they mean to a prepper arsenal.

We’re also going to touch on some of the ways horses have potential to bring a new level of force to a group. They allow silent, efficient travel off of roadways. They provide muscle and strength for hard work. They generate a presence unlike any other when faced with an opponent on foot.

Horses lend themselves to work, hunting and farming like few other animals can. Historically, they’ve even changed the face of warfare. They’re useful and courageous. But they also take a specific skill set to be able to master.

Don’t race out and buy a horse just yet! Dale and Lisa will be helping us debunk a few myths and misconceptions that can be harmful when people don’t consider the animal’s real needs before taking ownership. The threats to livestock are critical to keep in mind – everything from predators to food, healthcare, and first aid.

Also, don’t forget to join us for the Pint SIzed Prepper Project of the Week as we explore some of the ways you can prepare for a disaster in advance of a crisis by taking a digital inventory of your animals – whether they’re pets or livestock!


Listen to “Horses in an Apocalypse!” on Spreaker.

Listen to “Horses in the Apocalypse” on Spreaker.

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