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Self reliance and independence

Thur…The Homestead Honey Hour! 8:00pm/Ct

homestead honey 150The Homestead Honey Hour!

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About The Homestead Honey Hour

The women of ‘The Homestead Honey Hour’ have many things in common. What initially drew them together was they each had a YouTube channel, where they discussed homesteading, preparedness, and self-sufficiency.

They have partnered on Prepper Broadcasting Network because they see an opportunity to share their skills and abilities with many, like themselves, who are preparing for whatever the future brings.  Current situations, both social, economical and geo-political, require a ‘no-nonsense approach’ to preparedness.

These four  ‘Homestead Honeys‘, Noreen, MichiganSnowPony, and Katzcradul say “Bring it on!“,  and are willing to lay down their, rolling pins, shovels, and canning jars, long enough to pass along sound information and answer some questions! So pull up a chair to their online kitchen table, pour yourself a glass of lemonade, and join the fun!


For more detailed description of shows and player to listen or download click on links below


 6/19/2014 Homestead Honey Hour “Farewell”

6/5/2014 The Road Less Traveled

5-22-2014 5 Acres and A Dream

5/15/2014 Sugar vs. Sweeteners

5/8/2014 Kids in Prepping!  SPECIAL GUEST – ‘PREPPER A’

5/1/2014 The Case of Butter vs. Margarine     Homestead Honey Hour Information 

4/24/2014 Realistic Homesteading Expectations and Aspirations!


4/10/2014 The Gluten Intolerance – GMO Connection


3/27/2014 The Well-Appointed Prepper Homestead Part III

3/20/2014 It’s March Madness for the Self Reliant!  

3/13/2014 The Well-Appointed Prepper Homestead Part II

3/6/2014 Replay from 5/2/2013 Below

2/27/2014 Noreen and Renee Whatever is on Their Minds!

2/20/2014 Can I Can That?!

2/13/2014 Well-Appointed Prepper Homestead What you need . . . . as well as what’s just nice to have

2/6/2014 BACK to EDEN Producers are Back With New Project ‘GOSHEN’

1/30/2014 3 Honeys….How Sweet It Is!

1/23/2014 Spring Garden, Food Storage, and More OPEN LINE NIGHT WITH NOREEN AND KATZ

1/16/2014 Where IS the best place to be in a SHTF situation?

1/9/2013 The Unexpected, Are you Prepared on The Homestead Honey Hour!  


12/19/2013 State of Michigan vs “Bakers Green Acres”

12/12/2013 Christmas From The Heart! Ideas for Christmas when on a hard budget.

12/5/2013 Questions in Your Preparedness? Katz Answers!

Last Minute Thanksgiving Recipes!

11/21/2013 Raising Quail with guest, Autumnprepper

11/14/2013 Common Core Education = Communist Indoctrination

11/7/2013 Katz Answers Preparedness Questions!

10/3102013 Homestead Honey’s 5th Thursday “Free For All Mostly views on current politics”

10/24/2013 Hegelian Dialectic, Predictive Programming Part II

10/17/2013 Hegelian Dialectic, Predictive Programming and You!

10/10/2013 The Homestead Hog!

10/3/2013 Winter preparedness review!

9/26/2013 Making The Holes Whole!

9/19/2013 Independence, the books you will want!  -REPLAY-

9/12/2013 Meat Rabbits for the Homestead

9/5/2013 Colder days and longer nights, ready your garden and your stores!

8/29/2013 The Homestead Honey Hour “Free For All”

8/22/2013 What you perceive as reality may merely be an illusion.

8/15/2013 Developing your “Homestead Master Calendar”

8/8/2013 Backing up the information you provide!

8/1/2013 Individuals who dare to ‘tell it like it is’!

7/25/2013 The Legacy You Leave Behind!

7/18/2013 Gain your independence from grocery store dairy!

7/11/2013 Keeping bees, affordable and easier than you think!

6/27/2013 The Return of the Matriarch

6/20/2013 Winter Gardening with Caleb Warnock:  Feed Your Family Year Round!

6/13/2013 The Homestead Honey Hour! Why we homestead!

6/6/2013 The Homestead Honey Hour! “Part 2 – HOW DOES YOUR GARDEN GROW?”

5/30/2013 The Homestead Honey Hour! A general homesteading session with all the Honeys and many topics covered

5/23/2013 The Homestead Honey Hour!  Homestead Bliss: Balancing all that weight on your shoulders

5/16/2013 The Homestead Honey Hour!  Just a “Homestead Honey Hour” chat!

5/9/2013 The Homestead Honey Hour!  Animals and seeds are IMPORTANT to us all!

5/2/2013 The Homestead Honey Hour! “HOW DOES YOUR GARDEN GROW?”

4/25/2013 The Homestead Honey Hour! What that expiration date on your groceries REALLY means

4/18/2013 The Homestead Honey Hour!  This Episode The Homestead Honey Hour has been cancelled this evening due to BlogTalk issues and will be rescheduled.

4/11/2013 The Homestead Honey Hour!  Herbal and Home Remedies with the the MrsVolfie of the Honey’s

4/4/2013 The Homestead Honey Hour!  The Homestead Honey Hour, a year in review!

3/28/2013 The Homestead Honey Hour!  The Anyone Can Farm Academy!

3/21/2013 The Homestead Honey Hour!  “The intellectual, moral, and economic descent of America, and the world”

3/14/2013 The Homestead Honey Hour!  The Down Side of Smart Meters!

3/7/2013 The Homestead Honey Hour!  Peggy Layton a home economist and licensed nutritionist on food storage and more.

2/28/2013 The Homestead Honey Hour!  Homesteading, your answer to questions may be right here!

2/21/2013 The Homestead Honey Hour!  “What if?” only two small words, but with enormous consequences.

2/14/2013 The Homestead Honey Hour!  Homesteading and learning from our mistakes!

2/7/2013 The Homestead Honey Hour!  Goshen, reveals how to establish healthy, sustainable community, despite global disease and famine.

1/31/2013 The Homestead Honey Hour!  Home schooling, questions and answers with those that do!

1/24/2013 The Homestead Honey Hour!  One Woman’s Story and How It Effects Our Views on Gun Control and Mental Illness

1/17/2013 The Homestead Honey Hour! Because of technical difficulties with blog talk and phone lines this show and topic was cancelled and will be rescheduled for 1/31/2013 8:00pm/Central. We are sorry for any inconvenience!

1/10/2013e Homestead Honey Hour! Forgetting where our meat comes from and being thankful for having it!

1/3/2013 The Homestead Honey Hour!  2013…Bring it On! Focus on, what will bring our families success and happiness.

12/27/2012 The Homestead Honey Hour! Institute REAL change into your life and maybe even into the world!

12/20/2012 The Homestead Honey Hour! Our money and how we might be masters of it instead of slaves.

12/13/2012 The Homestead Honey Hour! Using Your Preps to Make your Holiday Bountiful in Times of Need!

12/6/2012 The Homestead Honey Hour! Knowing how to store fats effectively!

11/29/2012 The Homestead Honey Hour! Don’t forget the delicious, nutritious, and important part of your food storage!

11/15/2012 The Homestead Honey Hour! A Handmade Holiday with the Homestead Honeys!

11/8/2012 The Homestead Honey Hour! Be grateful homesteading and prepping is a GOOD idea!

11/1/2012 The Homestead Honey Hour! Katzcradul, and a variety of ways to preserve meat.

10/25/2012 The Homestead Honey Hour! Gardening and Food Preservation Strategies for Hard times!

10/18/2012 The Homestead Honey Hour! Who are the zombies? Where are the zombies? Are we the zombies and don’t know it?

10/11/2012 The Homestead Honey Hour!  Recycled materials, preppers recycling what we can!

10/4/2012 The Homestead Honey Hour!  What should you be concentrating on now that it’s a quarter to midnight?

9/27/2012 The Homestead Honey Hour! Preppers Versus HomesteaderPrepper or Homesteader? Is there a difference between them?

9/20/2012 The Homestead Honey Hour! Dealing with trying times ahead on The Homestead Honey Hour!

9/13/2012 The Homestead Honey Hour! How to make soap! All kinds of soap!

9/6/2012 The Homestead Honey Hour! Track food storage and other supplies with this unique program.

8/30/2012 The Homestead Honey Hour! Join the Homestead Honeys for another 5th Thursday, ‘Anything Goes’ show.

8/23/2012 The Homestead Honey Hour! All about books and information resources! Have a pen handy for notes on some really good books for the library.

8/16/2012 The Homestead Honey Hour! Become more self-reliant. . . now what?    What should you plant first?   What animals should you raise?

8/9/2012 The Homestead Honey Hour! Prepping yourself  and loved ones, physically and mentally.

8/2/2012 The Homestead Honey Hour! Emergency water storage solutions!

7/26/2012 The Homestead Honey Hour! Now that I have all this food storage, what do I do with it?

7/19/2012 The Homestead Honey Hour! Homesteading with Renée —  also known as Michigansnowpony

7/12/2012 The Homestead HoneyHour! A very exciting show on favorite home remedies and wild herbals medicine. The amount of information was incredible.

7/5/2012 The Homestead Honey Hour! Tobias Truman, Life Straws, and The Homestead Honeys!

6/28/2012 The Homestead Honey Hour! Canning 101 with “The Homestead Honeys!

6/21/2012 The Homestead Honey Hour! Convenience, Complacency and Community with the MrsVolfie.

6/14/2012 The Homestead HoneyHour! Prepping 101 with BexarPrepper, a great show with special announcement at end of show.

6/7/2012 The Homestead Honey Hour!  Food storage.

5/31/2012 The Homestead Honey Hour! A great interview with Chris of preparewise.com and much more click on link for details and to listen to show.

5/24/2012 The Homestead Honey Hour! Bread, all kinds of bread. With a lot of great tips on ingredients, rising times and a whole lot more.

5/17/2012 The Homestead Honey Hour! What Is in our food?” MSG? Meat Glue? Sodium Nitrates? Propyl Gallate?

5/10/2012 The Homestead Honey Hour!  MistyShooter223 joins BexarPrepper need I say more. What a show!

5/3/2012 The Homestead Honey Hour! All four Honeys joining in for this potpourri of prepping.

4/26/2012 The Homestead Honey Hour! Agenda 21 The gals did there homework. A very informative, not to miss show.

4/19/2012 The Homestead Honey Hour!   MrsVolfie takes the wheel and covers a lot of prepping ground.

4/12/2012 The Homestead Honey Hour!   The Hillbilly Prepper Gals join BexarPrepper as they discuss how they got started in prepping and share some great ideas.

4/5/2012 The Homestead Honey Hour! “From corn to soybeans, potatoes to peas, our food supply is being polluted with ‘genetically modified organisms. Join the Honeys for some important information!

3/29/2012 The Homestead Honey Hour! Noreen at the helm.   The topic of the day will be all about gearing up for garden season.  Starting and maintaining a garden, the best types of seeds to select and maybe even some talk about homemade pest control.

3/22/2012 The Homestead Honey Hour! How they each got started, the lessons they’ve learned, the pitfalls encountered, and the successes they’ve enjoyed, and continue to benefit from as a result of this lifestyle choice.

The Homestead Honey Hour! The premier show with introductions and still time for great tips and ideas.

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