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Apocalypse Nana

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Your Host: Jacqueline Druga

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About Apocalypse Nana:

Who says learning can’t be fun? Whether you are an expert prepper or just beginning, Author Jacqueline Druga opens up your world to survival and readiness in an entertaining, fun and informative way. More than an author, Jacqueline is a mother and grandmother and her means of readiness are geared toward protection of those she loves. You don’t need high tech to stay alive and be ready, knowledge is far more important.

Jacqueline is the host of Apocalypse Nana, a weekly show that examines different survival scenarios in a ‘what would you do’ manner through segments called, ‘Name your Apocalypse’ and ‘Fiction versus Reality.’ Informing the listener with left/right, ying/yang debates and round table style informative discussion. Her guests are not just experts in the survival and apocalypse fields, they will also include celebrities/authors/athletes who may not be prepared. Listen as Jacqueline and the experts school and talk to the novice guests about how they would react. What would they do?

Apocalypse Nana is an interactive show that encourages listeners and chat room participation to engage with the show’s guests in each segment.

Join Jacqueline on Apocalypse Nana and make sure you log in to chat. Each week, at the end of every show, Jacqueline pulls a name from those in chat to receive a paperback copy of her ‘how to’ book, ‘So you’re Left Behind’ or maybe even a gift from a guest.

Archived Live shows:

4/30/2015 Apocalypse Nana On The Road…

4/23/2015 Nitty Griddy EMP

4/16/2015 Beginnings of the End

4/9/2015 De-Population …

4/2/2015 HOLEY COW A-holes, Arctic Holes! And what about F-holes


3/19/2015 Disaster Movies Reel You In

3/12/2015 Let’s Be Rational

3/5/2015 Going Bunkers

2/26/2015 Fighting the Hunger Game

2/19/2015 Survival Misfire

2/12/2015 Drought, worlds end!

2/5/2015 Dead World Truth!

1/29/2015 Electric Pulse Orchestra

1-22-2015 Dreams, reality, and the apocalypse!

1/15/2015 World War III

1/8/2015 Sun of Anarchy

1/1/2015 The Worlds End List 2015

12/18/2014 Wild West Apocalypse

12/11/2014 CONTROL THAT

12/4/2014 SNAPPED

11/27/2014 Apocalypse Nana Thanksgiving Special

11/20/2014 Confessions in the Bunker

11/13/2014 Gender Power in the Apocalypse

11/6/2014 Hoarder or Prepper

10/30/2014 Halloween Special “Demonic Possession”

10/23/2014 Living in the Apocalypse

10/16/2014 Surviving the Cold

10/9/2014 WALKING DEAD

10/2/2014 Horror in the Bunker

9/25/2014 Zombie Daze

9/18/2014 Disaster Blast

9/11/2014 Aliens… We’re Not Alone?

9/4/2014 Survival Know How

8/28/2014 Unexplainable

8/21/2014 Soul Survivor (Yes, it is spelled correctly)

8/14/2014 When the Infrastructure Breaks

8/7/2014 The Gathering

8/31/2014 Get in, Get out Terrorism!

7/24/2014 “Into the Wild’

7/17/2014 The Strange End with Jackie and guests

7/10/2014  Invasion America

7/3/2014  After the Bombs

6/26/2014 Apocalypse Nana “Premiere” special guests Kirk Allmond and Stephen ‘The Koz’ Koziniewski

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