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All Hazards Communications Preparedness!

All Hazards Communications Preparedness!

Host: “David A. Vine”

Listen & Chat HERE Tuesdays “LIVE” 9:00pm/Est 6:00pm/Pt
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“All Hazards Communications Preparedness”  coming 12/11/2018

I agonized over the purchase of an Icom 7300 HF transceiver after a few weeks of surfing different Internet sites, reading reviews, checking prices on various sellers’ websites trying to decide which radio to buy, what features I wanted, new or used, prices, etc.

For several weeks before that I studied antenna designs and measured locations on my property, pondered our our community’s homeowner agreement, gathering together materials (some of which I purchased at a recent hamfest) and finally deciding, “the heck with it — I’ll put it up in the attic.”

David A. Vine will share the whole ordeal (the good, the bad and the ugly details) live during the December 11, 2018 episode of “All Hazards Communications Preparedness” show 9 to 10 pm Eastern on the Prepper Broadcasting Network. Click here:


to listen online and join the gang in the chatroom. You can call in on 347-202-0228 during the show with your comments and questions beginning at about 8:50 pm.

Spending $1,000 or more on a new amateur radio transceiver and setting it up properly to get the most out of the investment can take you down a long and winding road. David will share his experiences in setting up a new station in a deed-restricted community where no outside antennas are permitted. He’ll tell you about his choice for a stealth antenna and explain the difficulty of setting it up in his attic.

Then there is the whole matter of using a PC to control the radio to take full advantage of some of the Icom 7300’s advanced features. A modern transceiver can be connected to a Windows operating system and other computers, including mobile devices. There’s a dizzying array of commercial software and freeware choices. Once he settled on specific software for his radio David needed to set up the connection via USB cable.


You’ll hear all of the sordid details on the next episode of the All Hazards Communications Preparedness show live on Dec. 11 from 9 to 10 pm or download the podcast later in the week. Just click here: https://prepperbroadcasting.com/all-hazards-communications-preparedness/.

About: All Hazards Communications Preparedness

All Hazards Communications Preparedness is a lot more than buying a radio or getting a ham license. David Vine’s “CommPrep” show will open your eyes to the wide, wide world of communications. His weekly one-hour program will show you how to successfully communicate more effectively with loved ones, friends and co-workers in your daily life.

Using a radio to talk with a person or group of people, especially during a large-scale emergency or disaster means nothing if you don’t have good, solid information to contribute. That means you need to be alert, gathering and analyzing information to create intelligence so you can help others. Contributing meaningful and relevant Intelligence means people will look to you as the person “in the know.”

Now you’re ready to pick up the microphone and transmit. What will you say? What are the rules of the game? How can you understand what is being said in a fast and furious SHTF scenario? How far can you communicate with your equipment? Is your antenna good enough? When is the best time to listen and what should you say, if anything? How can I avoid problems, be more confident and help other people? What groups of like-minded communications-oriented people can I hook up with to help others?

David Vine’s All Hazards Communications Preparedness radio program provides answers to those questions and much more. He covers a wide range of Communications Preparedness subjects ranging from how to best use cell phones and Internet to handheld radios and ham radio equipment as well as the best ways to get the electric power you’ll need.

If you want a unique view of the “big picture” and how you can fit into that picture listen to the show. Big Government is real and you need to know how its communications systems work to take advantage of the information it provides.

Stay “tuned” to the Prepper Broadcasting Network for the All Hazards Communications Preparedness show every Tuesday at XXXX for all you need to know about communications in its many forms.

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