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  1. Regarding the GaltStrike show that ended at 11pm Eastern time on 7/9/16: I was heartened to see that a Libertarian show would discuss police violence and the Black Lives Matter movement in an objective light, so I listened. I noted many observations about economic demographics and partisan politics – observations that were on point. I’m grateful that this topic was addressed, but I find it lacking in that so much time was spent on historical observations and the trends of the poor and not on police violence and systemic racism. I missed a few minutes due to a loss of internet connection, but I heard only two positive suggestions. I’m grateful for those positive suggestions. Systemic racism is a huge problem. Yes, the root is poverty – but how did so many more people of color than white people end up in poverty? The answer is systemic racism. Until we are able to admit that and take responsibility for that, our society will continue to disintegrate. Systemic racism hurts everyone, regardless of color. We can’t learn about it by remaining isolated from it. You could check out books like the New Jim Crow and Between the World and Me, or Follow groups like Black Lives Matter or white ally groups like Showing Up for Racial Justice, or join a local grassroots group to stop racism or any of the symptoms of racism, like mass incarceration.

    I tuned in for the beginning of the show on writing, and that was quite interesting and helpful – and stayed to hear the thoughts on the problems of racism and violence from a different viewpoint. I, by the way, am a poor white person who sees what violence (both physical and emotional) and poverty does to everyone, regardless of skin color. I still see the problem of systemic racism very clearly.

  2. Thank you for tonight’s show. I especially found part two interesting regarding BLM and police murders. I disagree that poverty and racism breeds violence. During the Great Depression in America, fully 25%-30% of the working age people were jobless, yet violence and crime did not increase anything near those levels. That’s because more people then believed in God and practiced their faith, which translated into families staying together, fathers not abandoning their children and people helping their neighbor. Today, by contrast, fewer people believe in God and fewer people treat others the way they wish to be treated. Racism is not the root cause of poverty; if that were true then what accounts for the systemic poverty still seen in African nations more than a half century since casting off colonial power? There must be a deeper issue than mere race, but race is used as a convenient excuse for those unwilling to take personal responsibility for their lives (or who use it as a reason for manipulating others to gain political advantage). I believe what causes violence is a poverty of spirit and the unwillingness to accept God’s rules and boundaries over our lives; this translates into self-centeredness. Selfish people blame others for their failures and feel entitled to take from others that which they are unwilling to provide for themselves. There’s a general feeling among Blacks in America that they are “owed” something because of a system that ended 150 years ago. Even 50 years ago, when Jim Crow laws had not yet been erased from the Democrat Party-controlled South, poverty-level and lower-income black families stayed intact, the majority of child births were inside marriages and black fathers did not abandon their children. Today, 70% of black children are born outside of marriage, black men abandon their children or encourage abortion. The foundation of today’s black rage is an unwillingness to examine cold truth about their own poverty of spirit, lack of God in their lives and black men abandoning their own children.

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