How to survive anything!

How to survive anything!
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How to survive anythingDave follows up last week’s survival tips while traveling with the guy that wrote the book on How To Survive Anything for Outdoor Life, Tim MacWelch. That’s right three-time New York Times Best selling author Tim MacWelch will be on talking to Dave about how and why he wrote this book on surviving anything. Dave’s longtime Prepper buddy and mentor Tim will give you the best tips, tricks, hacks and OITs (Old Indian Tricks) on survival in all kind of situations. Tim also gives classes on survival and field craft year-round at his private outdoor instruction center in Virginia. Don’t miss this great show with a very special guest.

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Dave will also have Danny Santana for Biolite on to talk about the Solar Home 620, a new solar light set packed with tech to light your campsite, camper or tiny home. Danny promises to have a great deal on Biolite products for everyone that tunes in. On 12 May Dave will have an interview with inventor and tiny home builder Roger Lehet. Roger will talk about him tiny home kits and the wood stove he invented just for tiny homes, boats and RVs. Then on 19 May Dave will broadcast his show LIVE from the floor of Prepper Con in Salt Lake City Utah. Thanks to his sponsor RSDL Dave will bring you all the latest and greatest Prepper products at one of the largest Prepper Shows in the US. What a great line up of shows!

As always, Dave will cover the news of the week and bring his take on all the headlines about things Prepper should know about. Everyone should sign into the chat room as well because Dave may have another chat room ONLY give always like last week so don’t miss out.

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