Combating Cyber Warfare

Combating Cyber Warfare
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Combating Cyber WarfareAre you afraid of being hacked by a nation state bent on Cyber Warfare? Have you ever been the victim of a hack attack, Ransomware, or identity theft? Join me on the next Reality Check as we discuss Cyber security.

This week we will be talking about some common sense things you can do to stay safe online like keeping a reliable anti-virus up-to-date, keeping your OS updated, not clicking on links in emails, changing your online passwords on a regular basis, using complex passwords or passphrases, making regular backups of your data, and putting a freeze on your credit reports. I’ll also explain how to spot malicious links by hovering of the URL to see the real target address. Now, I hear you sitting there saying, “I have a Mac.” Well, sorry to burst your bubble but Macintosh and Linux can get a virus and be susceptible to worm and exploits just like Windows.

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I’ll explain why you are a target for hackers and how to spot which country might be the culprit. When we hear of an attack in the news ask yourself what were the thieves after? If it was money and finances, then it was probably counties from the Baltic region. It the theft was for intellectual property, ideas, and blueprints, then the Asian nations are probably behind it. Now if the theft was for both money and ideas then the thief is from right here in the United States. To combat this, I’ll walk you through phishing, chain letters, social engineering, and pop-ups advertising. I’ll explain how Ransomware works and what steps you can do to mitigate the results when you get infected.

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