What I have learned and done in my first year prepping

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My one year anniversary of prepping is fast approaching and I thought I would throw out some of what I learned as a latecomer to prepper.

1. I am not a kook. My desire to be more or totally self sufficient is not necessarily the rantings of a delusional, anti-social freak. So Mom and Dad if you are out there, running away to live with John Denver in Colorado wasn’t so abnormal. Don’t worry folks, I made it to the mountain top that our borough is on and spent the night. I came home the next morning hungry.

2. A lot of people I used to think were kooks, well, they’re not so much. The biggest lesson I have picked up on is just how big the prepping community is. The spread of persons across any type of demographic you wish to label is huge. By and large it is accepting, friendly and willing to Continue reading What I have learned and done in my first year prepping


How to communicate before and after SHTF

Feel free to call in and ask questions and or make suggestions. This will be a very informative show.

Join GoatHollow (Doug) on Wednesday , Dec 28th 8:00pm/Ct on the Prepper Broadcasting Network, for a discussion on Ham radio for beginners!  We’ll be talking about all things communications for preppers.  Doug’s guest will be the Youtuber known as xxRenaissanceManxx or formally 92scalloped, who’s an avid ham radio operator, and all around expert in communications. We should have a fun and informational show.  Don’t forget to mark it on your calendar!!!


Most Preppers Like Homemade Jerky!

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Home made jerky can be a great food source for storage and nutrition, but it also tastes great. Here are a few how to make it for ya.

Ground Chuck Jerky

Jerky – Traditional
3 pounds 85% lean ground chuck
2 tablespoons salt
1 tablespoon onion powder
1 tablespoon garlic powder
1 tablespoon black pepper
1 tablespoon white pepper
1 tablespoon paprika
1 tablespoon sugar
1 tablespoon liquid smoke
1/2 teaspoon Instacure #2, (optional)

Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl, load into a jerky making gun, and squeeze out laying lightly onto dehydrator trays. Dehydrate for approximately 18 Continue reading Most Preppers Like Homemade Jerky!


Go it solo when SHTF or in a group?

I live in the mountains far enough away from any real population that I feel more comfortable going it solo. There are some skills that I will wish I had when shtf but until I learn those I do have the ones that will keep me alive.

If I lived in a more populated area you can bet your last dollar I would be part of a group. Security being for-most of importance. Having all the skills within a group including candle maker, tin smith, electrician, mechanic etc. as listed in another post I read would make for a  perfect group but lets face reality, this Continue reading Go it solo when SHTF or in a group?


Canning Without a Pressure Canner

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First, a disclaimer. This is not an approved method for canning. This is for survival knowledge only.

If you are in a survival situation and don’t have a pressure canner available but need to can some meat or vegetables to keep them from spoiling, you can do it in boiling water bath, but it isn’t easy and takes hours. Meat and vegetables need about 4 hours in a boiling water bath, not just a hot water bath. You have to put a heavy cloth or a rack in bottom of the container to keep the jars from touching the bottom, or they break. The timing starts after the water reaches a full rolling boil and keep the water boiling hard to the top of the lids, the whole time. There must be another kettle of water boiling to add water if the level gets below the lids. Do NOT let the water stop boiling the whole time or restart timing the batch. This is definitely not recommended and you have to keep everything scrupulously clean while preparing the contents of the jars and filling the sterilized jars.

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