A young couple, not preppers, getting by!

A young couple, not preppers, getting by!

As the young couple sit down to their breakfast of steak, eggs, hash browns, toast and milk they were able to get with food stamps and their government wick program the previous day, the boyfriend looks across to his girlfriend and says: Honey, lets change things up just a little today.

Today I will run down to the unemployment office to file for another extension while you run over to wick and hook us up with more milk, cheese, eggs etc. Then you can run down town and see what the holdup is with our allotment of food stamps. While you’re doing that I should have finished up at the unemployment office and will run over to the free health clinic to get you some more birth control pills and see what they can give me for this rash on my ass. We should both be done about the same time so I will meet you at HUD and we can see what the holdup is there on the low income loan we are after for that house by the lake. When we are done at HUD you can go by the welfare office to finish up that paperwork while I go and see what I can do about getting a little more added to my student loan. After I finish there I will run over to the salvation army and pick us up some more clothes, toys for our little one, and see what kind of cd’s and movies they may have for that new stereo system I just got you for your birthday. We should both be done in time to pick up the baby from the state day care center. You run him over to your mom’s to baby sit while I call my quota of job potentials to make the state happy. Afterwards I will meet you back in town for the rally against those that have jobs not wanting to help us out. We will stay just long enough for a beer or two and if we still have time we might join the occupy Wall Street crowd but I don’t want to be late getting back to your mom’s. I know she’s probably got her disability check today and she owes us a dinner out for mowing her lawn last week. If we can get this all done today I will have time to go to the drag races with your brother tomorrow.


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