Tribulation Time Table

Tribulation Time Table

July 26, 2011 Uncategorized 0

I’m sorry to say I actually had to google “Tribulation Time Table”. Every week I go to our different hosts and ask; What is your show going to be about that I can post it for those that may be interested in listening? At times, getting their upcoming show description is almost like pulling your own tooth and I do know what that is like. I believe Dr. Waterman, while being one of the sharpest tools in the shed just enjoys watching me work. When I sent him my weekly message in regards to his show description his return message simply read: “Tribulation Time Table” …should stir the pot.

As with all his shows “The Waterman Files” I find myself not wanting to walk away. The man is intelligent and does his homework. I will let you google “Tribulation Time Table” for yourself if you need then I hope you will listen in to the show. After my own research I must say I am expecting nothing less than another great episode of The Waterman Files. I’m sure the chat room will be a buzz as well.

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