Sunday Premiere! “Prepping Now”

Sunday 10/9/2011 6:00pm/Central

Prepper Broadcasting welcomes our newest show “Prepping Now” with host Lesley!

Prepgirl’s first show will be about something she likes to call “Thought Product Placement” basically, the idea that “whoever is in charge” uses the media to influence people with the ideals they want them to have. An example would be that God is never mentioned in TV or movies except in a negative light. Not to downplay religion exactly, but rather to discourage the morality that comes along with it. People who don’t have morals keep idolizing people like the Jersey Shore “cast” and completely ignore when their constitutional rights are being removed. While this may be a hard hitting issue, I believe that we as preppers and those who are awake should take a stand, and discuss these issues openly and with candor.

Sunday 10/9/2011 6:00pm/Central go to listen and chat for details.


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