Do you consider yourself a terrorist? We are Preppers!

As Preppers we strive for independence and self reliance. While the vast majority of us our concerned about government affairs our focus is to plan ahead only for the well being of our families. Our goal is to be prepared for any event that could disrupt our daily lives. In doing so we also take cost and burden off our government but our government does not like this. Our government is consistently trying to take away more and more of our rights, freedoms, and liberties, disguising it as an effort to take care of us. Thank you not, I will take care of myself. Unfortunately they like the masses that follow blindly giving them the complete control they desire. We the people are suppose to control the government but are failing, letting our government get out of hand in an attempt to control us. They are giving themselves power that is neither do nor wanted by those of us that see what there agenda is. As our numbers grow so does there fear. With this growing fear our government has comes more efforts in controlling us as a nation. There will be a rebellion, and they see it coming. Be prepared, be aware, and keep on prepping.

ATTENTION PREPPERS – Having More Than 7 Days Of Food Makes You A Suspected Terrorist

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